The whole of 2020 has mostly seen people dealing with quarantine and adjusting to the new normal of working from home. A lot of employees have relied on the advancements of technology to get by and accomplish the same tasks they usually would in a regular office. While every home is different, everyone still needs to get things done, so businesses and workers alike may benefit from making use of the most relevant digital resources for work.

1. Skills development programs

Now more than ever, people are having to take on more roles and efficiently execute them within constraints that may not have been present before. Without the same office tools and having to rely on online interactions to keep things running, it has required many individuals to adapt to new working habits and requirements. That is where skills development comes in, and should be a priority for any running business or company right now.

Better digital literacy and aptitude can be achieved. Everyone works together with the same productivity, and meetings and delegation can still be streamlined in the new normal with team leader skills training that has been focused on online environments and remote settings.

2. Work tracking software

Unfortunately, the comforts of the home also have their own pitfalls when it comes to keeping employees productive. Not only is their attention more likely to be divided, but it’s harder to monitor progress and productivity when not in a regular office environment. While there are many ways to boost productivity and creativity if you designate an excellent workspace in the home, there’s no way to police that in every single worker’s household.

Studies have shown that working from home can lead to fewer contributions from the team and a tendency to get more distracted, especially without the regular confines of a cubicle or the like. To make sure that there is still some structure being followed, it can help to have the software installed on work laptops and devices so that you can track the hours logged by your employees and even get an idea of their work habits.

3. Team communication applications

Communication is crucial to get tasks done efficiently and to manage everybody properly. It can be getting bulletin announcements up, conducting video conference calls, having teams looped in, uploading essential files, sharing relevant data, or reaching specific team members on time. The significance of using the right application for communications has become ever-present during this time of being separated from everyone else. There are a lot of options out there, but finding the best one depends on your goals and which features seem most relevant to the work style that your specific company requires.

Since opinions are varied, it may help you to check out some of the most popular communication applications for business yourself and get a good grasp of each one’s features. You can see which ones best work for the set-up you deem most useful and comfortable. It would also help to learn which ones your staff are likely to acclimatize to the easiest, so you can ensure a smooth shift.

By making use of these digital resources, you should be able to keep your operations running even as the shift to remote work continues to change the norm.