Moving or relocating is stressful. Whether relocating across the street or shifting to a different country altogether, the entire process involves a lot of planning, preparation, and prior arrangements. 

Handling these things by yourself can be challenging. You must arrange the packing materials while ensuring they are solid, place all your belongings methodically, find information on shipping documents, find a storage facility, etc. 

And that is why it makes sense to hire professional moving and relocation services experienced in helping people move from one place to another as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Their professional team takes care of everything from securely packing your belongings using the strongest materials to ensuring you have the necessary shipment documentation. They even disassemble any items essential before transportation.

Most people who relocate the first time would do well to hire professional movers, as they would be unfamiliar with the entire process. Even people who have relocated a few times prefer hiring them for the convenience of it all.

But before you do so, here is some information regarding the entire process. 

What storage solutions do they provide?

You can hire or similar moving companies to get access to a wide range of storage solutions. In most cases, they have a storage facility that gives you extra space to store your belongings safely.

The storage facilities include warehouses with purpose-built storage modules and steel containers secured by the latest security technology. These are ideal for short and long-term storage for various items, from furniture and tools to sports equipment.

How do they pack your items?

You will most likely have expensive items requiring safe packing and transportation handling. Professional relocation services are experts at packing valuable items, including glassware, furniture, and delicate ceramics.

For safely packing your items, movers use materials like poly bubble wrapping because it is lightweight, takes up less space, offers maximum protection, and is recyclable. 

For packing purposes, they provide the following:

  • Packing boxes.
  • Custom wrapping for design furniture.
  • Plastic protection bags for delicate items.
  • Specially made large cartons for bicycles and TV.

If you have antique furniture, artwork, or an art collection that requires relocation, the movers will ensure those are packed securely into custom art storage crates that prevent them from incurring the slightest scratch or damage.

Do they transport vehicles?

Most people who relocate are worried about the processes involved in moving their car, trailer, boat or motorbike. But that’s not something you will have to worry about after hiring professional relocators, as they offer international shipping services for SUVs, trailers, and classic as well as vintage cars.

Some car transport services provided by moving companies are receiving your vehicle at the warehouse, writing a pre-shipment report (for insurance), loading your vehicle into a container, customs clearance, and arranging local RTA compliance.

Even if you don’t need your vehicle at your new destination immediately, you can use their purpose-built storage facilities that are guarded 24×7 and are cost-effective.

Do they provide insurance?

Reliable and experienced moving companies always provide transit and moving insurance to protect your belongings. Despite taking the utmost safety precautions, some factors like the weather, vibrations, and movement remain beyond their control, making it necessary to offer coverage.

Before taking coverage, you should check their available options, premium charges, and competitive prices. Even though you could opt for personal protection insurance, it’s better to take one the movers offer because they offer custom-made transit protection policies.

You should consider hiring a moving and relocation service that takes care of your relocation needs efficiently and methodically. Relocating can be stressful, but having professional movers makes the entire process smoother.