Deciding to get a trampoline is probably not that difficult. You are either an enthusiast yourself, or your children are making it rather impossible to say no. So, you cave in and decide to add some bouncing fun to your property. There’s no doubt that everyone will love this addition.

Now, deciding which trampoline to get can be a bit trickier than that, especially since, as you can see at Rectangular Trampolines UK, the choice is getting more difficult given the recent popularity of the rectangular ones. Of course, when choosing this product, you will have to be rather careful so as to find a great supplier that will deliver high-quality products and provide you with the perfect service. That’s not all you’ll have to choose, though.

In fact, the very first choice you will need to make is the choice between rectangular and round trampolines. If you thought that shape had nothing to do with absolutely anything, then you were definitely mistaken. It’s actually one of the most asked questions among the community of trampoline lovers – should you go round or rectangular?

There’s no doubt that both of these types come with a lot of benefits of their own. One thing, however, makes rectangular trampolines rather appealing to everyone. That’s probably the thing that is making them so popular nowadays. While a lot of people are used to the traditional, round shape, others claim that the rectangular trampolines bounce much better and that it is a good reason to choose them.

Is this really true, thought? Do the rectangular ones actually spring up better than the round ones and if yes, then why? What is it that’s making them have such a great bounce compared to their differently shaped counterparts? Well, that’s exactly what we are here to find out today. First of all, however, you might want to learn more about these two types in general.

Do They Bounce Better?

Before we answer this question, I need to make sure that you know exactly what it is that can make for a good spring. This way, perhaps you will be able to answer this question all on your own. So, for starters, you will need to have enough space if you want a great bounce. Then, strong springs will play their part in this too.

Of course, having a larger surface area is also important, because you will constantly get drawn towards the middle if the surface is smaller, which can affect your leap negatively. Now that you know what it is that can make a bounce good, let me answer the question posed above. Yes, rectangular trampolines do bounce better and it’s time to see why.


I have mentioned some of the factors that influence the jump above. So, among other things, make sure that you choose the right spot to place this product at when it arrives. That is, however, not what we are here to talk about. The question is why rectangular trampolines bounce better than the round ones and this has virtually nothing to do with the space outside your home.

It has, however, everything to do with the space inside the trampoline. You probably remember me mentioning that a large surface area is important. The rectangular type offers a much larger surface area and there is one more plus that comes with those. It is consistent in shape and it is the whole surface is the same size, which provides for an entirely equal rebound resistance everywhere.

If you want to go into details, here’s a great read:

The surface plays a huge part in the height you will be achieving, but the height is not the only important thing. There’s also the power and the rectangular types seem to have the upper hand here as well compared to the round ones. The springs on this one work independently, so to say, meaning that they are not that burdened all at once, which can significantly improve the power of your bounce, and that’s not the case with the round ones. As you can see, rectangular trampolines really do bounce better and the reasons for that are perfectly clear.