Limassol is an amazing tourism destination that is full of life all year long. Being a cosmopolitan city in the southern part of Cyprus, Limassol is considered the most developed city. The houses for sale in Limassol and other tastefully designed infrastructural developments make this concrete jungle ideal for vacationing, working, and permanent residence. You can find out more about houses for sale in Limassol through Pafilia.

When you visit Limassol any time of the year, there are so many events; from street carnivals to parties; to keep you engaged day and night. Not to mention the spectacular sights in Limassol. There is so much to say about this island city. For you to get the full picture of what life really is in Limassol, you have to read through this entire article:

A City Bustling With Activities and Traffic

Cyprus in general is a relaxed country ideal for people who want to get away from their hectic daily activities. Limassol is actually perfect for relaxing despite being a big, busy city. However, compared to other Cyprus towns and cities, you will realize that Limassol is a city bustling with activities and traffic.

Since Limassol is a city that attracts tourists who want to spend more than a week or two, it is always full of people and activities. So much so that a city center is a busy place with lots of traffic; human and auto traffic. Tourists often spend up to a month or two just taking in the beauty of this island city and its environs. No wonder some of these Island guests find a home in Limassol and consider the houses for sale in Limassol as their holiday homes.

Cultural Festivals and Holidays

As earlier stated, Limassol is home to round-the-clock events and festivals. From mini-festivals with flowers to larger events like street carnivals and parties. You would definitely have activities to engage you in Limassol. Did you know that they have the Apokria carnival just to honor the coming of spring? Other than that, they have the wine and beer festivals held different months apart. There is no festival in Limassol held in just a day. These festivals could go for days on end. They go by artists’ performances, adult and children contests, and folk songs and dances.

In addition to being the epicenter of the Cypriot culture, Limassol has several art galleries. The largest one is the Municipal art Gallery.  If you are the kind of person who loves authenticity, there are a number of museums in the villages showcasing the lifestyle of Cypriots. The main ones are; the Municipal museum showcasing folk art and another one at the Limassol Fortress. 

Houses for Sale in Limassol

Naturally, you would expect a city such as Limassol to have lots of accommodation options for renting or buying. After all, it is the southernmost located city in Cyprus with great beaches and locations carrying the history of Cyprus. Being a tourism-driven city, Limassol has the finest hotels for short-term accommodation. In addition, it also has furnished apartments and villas. Whether you are considering the houses for sale in Limassol for investment, short term or long term residence, you simply cannot be out of options.

Limassol’s real estate is very diverse and can accommodate even investors interested in the houses for sale in Limassol. With this option, you can buy a house for your holiday but rent it out for the rest of the year. And it gets better than that! With a 300,000 euros investment in the houses for sale in Limassol, you can get permanent residence. You can also get Cypriot citizenship with over 2,000,000 euros.

The Perfect Holiday Weather for Everyone

Imagine living in a place where the weather is perfect for holiday and relaxation all year round. Delightful, isn’t it?  Part of Limassol is located along the coastline, while the rest is in the mountainous region of Troodos.  Whether it is the spring season, summer, or fall, the weather is always ideal for the hot beach experience in Limassol. Tourists will always find the weather in Limassol perfect for anything and for everyone.

In case you are wondering whether Limassol is equally exciting for children, then rest assured that there are entertainment options for children. As it is with most touring families, kids are always given priority when visiting anywhere for beach holidays. In Limassol, there is a zoo within the city center. Next to it, there is a Municipal park and well, it doesn’t end there. The Fasouri Water mania is a water park with paddling pools. If you are looking for combined activities with your kids, then there are nature trails near the mountains, open meadows, and donkey farms where donkeys and other animals breed.

Final Thoughts

One interesting fact about Limassol is that even though the winter season gets cold, it doesn’t do so completely. Even in winter, there are lots of activities for tourists. Such include skiing in the Troodos Mountains, zip-lining, hiking, skating, and other winter activities. In addition to the activities, there are tourism sites. Such include shrines, ancient fortresses, and temples, galleries, and monuments. All of these keep the city of Limassol active round the year. This, and the fact that there are limitless options of houses for sale in Limassol make it an urban jungle in Cyprus.