An effective way to increase interoffice productivity is through proficient safety measures. When employees feel safe in the office, they work with diligence and efficiency.

If your office tends to lag in production each month, it’s time to employ some workplace safety ideas. 

Workplace safety helps you maintain a healthy office. Providing a safe environment for your employees increases morale. It shows workers that you care to create a positive and caring workspace.

It also reduces absenteeism and attrition. 

If you’re looking for solutions on how to keep your employees safe at work, read on. We take a look at 5 simple but effective workplace safety ideas for a safer working environment.

1. Top Workplace Safety Ideas Begin with Proper Training 

One major reason accidents happen in workspace situations is due to a lack of safety training. Workers spend 8 to 10 hours a day five days a week in the office.

That means the workplace becomes like a second home. People get comfortable and treat their workspace as they would a space at home. There’s a difference between the two and you must train your employees to know it. 

Provide extensive safety training to all employees. Also, post reminders in conspicuous places through the office.

When employees know what they can and cannot do in the office, they’ll keep things safe for themselves and others. 

2. Encourage Breaks

Great jobs are hard to come by. If an employee likes what they do, they develop overzealous attitudes, skipping breaks.

Don’t allow that to happen.

Skipped breaks increase the chances of fatigue which leads to mistakes and accidents in the office. Encourage workers to take their scheduled breaks and lunches. If they’re sick, persuade them to use allotted sick time. 

3. Workplace Furniture

There’s no perfect piece of furniture, desk, or chair. Keep this in mind if you have employees who sit for hours. They’re prone to the neck, back, and spinal injuries.

Consider upgrading to ergonomic workspaces. Certain desk models allow workers to raise their desks and work in a standing position. Also, some ergo chairs offer better support to the back and neck.

Ensure that your facilities crew keeps an eye out for displaced furniture. Trips and falls happen due to protruding items or things left in the middle of the office floor. 

4. Don’t Obstruct Exits

Sometimes small offices get cramped. Excessive supplies and equipment crowd the room. This causes workers to stack things in inappropriate places.

Don’t obstruct any exits.

Keep boxes, chairs, and other items away from exits doors. In the event of a fire or emergency blocked exit ways cause accidents. Consider using offsite storage for immoderate office supplies. 

5. Open-Door Policy 

An office that encourages employees to speak up without judgment is a safe one. An open-door policy promotes communication and feedback from employees.

If they see something wrong, they should feel confident enough to report it to any manager or supervisor. This keeps office hazards and accidents to a minimum. 

Stay Safe

Workplace safety ideas keep employees smiling and your bottom line from bottoming out. 

Make sure everyone in your office receives proper training. And, keep things up-to-date to protect your investment.

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