Internet users are constantly googling the Zambian Meat website since they learned about its association with cannibalism. Last year, when people came to know that the Zambian Meat website was real, they started searching for this website, especially in the USA, the UK, South Africa, India, and Canada.

You may have heard about the website from a Netflix show and are curious to know whether the story is real or not. So, what is the Zambian Meat website, and how is this website connected to the cannibalism case? What did actually happen in reality? Stay tuned with us to learn the detailed facts about the incident and the Zambian Meat killer.

What Is Zambian Meat Website?

Currently, the Zambian Meat Website is unavailable on the internet and we do not know about the URL of the website. However, we do know about the website from the German police report and it suggests that the website was an open forum to discuss absurd things. On the website, people used to reveal their sexual fantasies, discourse their sadistic viewpoints, and talk about weird desires, including cannibalistic fantasies. According to some sources, the Zambian website was shut down on 20th May 2018.

The Complete Overview of the Cannibalism Case

The Preliminary Evidence and Arrest:

On 11th November 2013, German police arrested a 55-year-old German criminal investigator from Dresden, Germany on suspicion of slaughtering and assassinating a 59-year-old man. It was really shocking to find that the assailant was himself a criminal investigator and still working in the Saxony State Office’s Forensics Department.

Preliminary evidence from the police investigation suggests that the murderer met the victim on a cannibalism website named Zambian Meat. German police also discovered plenty of emails, messages, and chats that were exchanged between them. For a good reason, German police decided not to reveal the names of the murderer and the victim. However, German media recognized the killer as “Detlev G”.

The Actual Date of the Cannibalistic Murder:

After a long chat on the Zambian Meat website, Detlev G and the victim decided to physically meet one another. Detlev G allegedly reported that the victim desired to be slaughtered. On 4th November 2013, they met at the main train station of Dresden. Afterward, they went for breakfast nearby the Czech border. After finishing breakfast, Detlev G took the victim to his Ore Mountains guest house. In his guesthouse room, Detlev G brutally tortured, disjointed, and murdered the victim. He finally buried the victim’s body parts in the back garden of the guesthouse.

The Main Reason Behind the Zambian Meat Murder:

It was really surprising for Detlev’s Colleague policemen to discover him as the murderer.  They reported that they never saw something suspicious to claim that Detlev had any personality disorders, mental issues, suicidal ideation or tendency to kill someone.

In his confession, Detlev stated that the victim had certain fanaticism regarding the idea of cannibalism since his childhood and he desired to be murdered and eaten. When they met one another on the Zambian Meat website, the victim expressed his desire and asked Detlev to do his favor. The exchanged chats between these two confirm that Detlev’s statement was true.

Zambian Meat Myths

A rumor got widespread that Detlev ate the victim’s body parts after killing him. This was not true. German policeman, Marko Laske confirmed that no evidence is found to back this rumor. As the Zambian Meat website promotes cannibalism, people assumed that Detlev ate the victim’s body.

Zambian Meat Website in Netflix Show

Remember, we mentioned that you probably heard about the website from a Netflix show. There is a Netflix crime docuseries named “Catching Killers” with two seasons and 4 episodes in each season. Every episode depicts an infamous serial killer case. The third episode of season 2, “The Toronto Village Killer” is based on cannibalistic murder. In this episode, during the investigations of the missing persons, police found a post of a man on the Zambian Meat website in 2012. The police investigation also reveals that the website is a cannibal website. This is why people started to search for the website on the Internet after watching the Netflix documentary.

Wrap Up

On December 13, 2016, the Dresden Court sentenced Detlev G to eight years and seven months of imprisonment after finding him guilty based on the evidence. As the evidence suggests that the victim had a desire to be killed, the court decided not to impose life imprisonment on Detlev. One thing we want to clarify is that we strongly oppose the idea of cannibalism. Eating another person can not be morally right as it violates human sanctity. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information and actual facts about what has already happened.