There have been rapid improvements in technology in recent years which have started to change the very nature in which businesses operate. One of the most notable areas of improvement has been the introduction of automated machines in production but also in services. Systems such as self-service kiosks have started to be implemented into many businesses all over the world because of their many benefits.

However, before deciding to introduce them into your business as well, you should get familiar with the possible benefits they can give you. So, to help you out, today we are going to take a look at five key ways self-service kiosks can boost your sales. 

1. Improved efficiency

First of all, modern self-service kiosks are great because they allow customers to more easily orient around your menu and find the items they want. This increase in efficiency is one of the biggest upsides of self-service kiosks as it increases your throughput while at the same time eliminating the chances of queues forming and it substantially decreases potential delays. Furthermore, this increases the overall amount of transactions your business can have at any moment and thus increases your business’s sales.

A good idea to help you use this to its full potential is to use product images instead of just text at your self-service kiosks. This will significantly reduce the time people need to find the products they want but also increase the number of products they buy.

2. Better customer satisfaction

Another great thing about self-service kiosks is that they can substantially increase your customer’s satisfaction. First off, customers can expect a high level of accuracy when ordering certain items because there isn’t a possibility for miscommunication between them and the person who takes their order. When ordering on a self-service kiosk, people can take their time and in the end review their order before confirming it.

They also reduce the potential stress caused by social interaction in these situations drawing in some customers that otherwise would not engage with your business.

Additionally, they can find new items or possible bundles they didn’t know about before while at the same time finding answers to some questions they may have regarding your products. 

3. Reduced costs

The introduction of self-service kiosks into your business can also help you reduce your operational costs. First, they allow you to free up manpower for more complex jobs and they also substantially reduce the risk of taking wrong orders. This eliminates the possibility of customers returning their orders and causing delays which can cost your business greatly.

4. Real-time analysis

As self-service kiosks are all connected into a single system, they give you the ability to monitor exactly what’s going on with your business at any given time. You can look back at past data to see certain patterns as well as how your products are doing. In the age where almost everything we do needs to have some foundation in data, this constant overview of your business can give valuable data that will help you steer it in the right direction.

5. Increased spending per customer

While one of the main tasks of serving staff is to up-sell and familiarize customers with special deals you may have, if your business is crowded, your staff can often forget to or be unable to perform this task. Luckily, most self-service kiosks are built with this function in mind, constantly offering your customers products that will go well with the ones they offer but also showing them potential combos they can make and special offers you may have.


The world we live in is centered around the notion that time is money. So, understandably, people want to do everything within their power to save time and do things as efficiently as possible. Because of this, the introduction of self-service kiosks into your business is something you must consider moving forward. It’s obvious that in the future more and more businesses will embrace them, so there’s no reason to lag behind when you can get the benefits right now.