The cargo industry is thriving once again after the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the global pandemic, businesses are still shipping goods and products worldwide. This is because many companies have realized that keeping their supply chains running smoothly is more important than.

The global freight shipping market is anticipated to reach $10.85 billion in 2020 and $13.19 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 2.5% from 2021 through 2028. This only proves that the cargo industry is still very much needed in today’s economy. However, with the increase in cargo shipments comes an increased risk of theft.

Cargo thieves are always looking for easy targets, and they will often target businesses that are not prepared. This is why it is so vital for cargo businesses to take steps to increase security and reduce the risk of cargo theft. There are several ways businesses can increase security and reduce the risk of cargo theft. Here are five of the most effective:

Use GPS tracking devices

The cargo industry faces several problems with no GPS tracking device with their cargo. First, it can be difficult to track down the cargo’s location if it is stolen. This can make it difficult to recover the cargo and catch the thieves. Second, businesses may lose money if they have to pay for stolen goods.

GPS freight tracking devices can help businesses keep track of their cargo, so they can quickly recover them if they are stolen. These devices can be placed on any type of container, allowing you to track your cargo’s location at all times. You will also receive updates on travel history to detect unauthorized activity or suspicious use.

Install security cameras

One of the main problems with the cargo industry is that there are often not enough security cameras at the storage facilities where the cargo is kept. This makes it very easy for thieves to steal cargo without being caught. In addition, it can be difficult to prosecute thieves if there is no footage of them stealing the cargo.

Businesses can increase security by installing security cameras at their storage facilities. This will discourage thieves, as they will not want to be caught on camera. In addition, security cameras can also be used to monitor employees’ activities and ensure they are following safety protocol.

Increase security at loading docks

The loading docks are one of the most vulnerable points in the cargo industry. Thieves can easily access cargo when loaded onto trucks or ships. In addition, businesses often do not have enough security at their loading docks to deter thieves.

Businesses can increase security at loading docks by installing security cameras and hiring security guards. In hiring security guards, it is crucial to ensure they are properly trained and equipped to deal with cargo thieves. In addition, businesses should also consider installing security gates at their loading docks.

Use tamper-proof seals

Cargo thieves often try to steal cargo by opening the container and removing the goods inside. However, they will not be able to do this if the container is properly sealed. This is why businesses need to use tamper-proof seals on their containers.

Tamper-proof seals are designed to be challenging to remove, and they will often break if someone tries to tamper with them. This makes it much more difficult for thieves to steal cargo, as they will not be able to open the container. In addition, businesses can use tamper-proof seals to track their shipment, so they can quickly recover it if it is stolen.

Install security gates

These gates can be installed at storage facilities and shipping docks. They will help deter thieves, as they cannot access the cargo without going through the security gate. In addition, security gates can also be used to track the movements of employees and make sure they are following safety protocol.

You can install a security access system that monitors and controls the movements of people and vehicles in and out of your premises. An intercom system can be used to communicate with visitors, control gates and barriers, and monitor activity around your premises. There are many types of security systems available, and you should speak to a professional to find out which would be best for you.

To conclude

Cargo theft is a major issue that businesses in the cargo industry need to take seriously. Although cargo theft can and does occur, resulting in significant financial losses for companies, you can prevent it by planning ahead your security measures. By taking these precautions, cargo businesses can significantly reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of cargo theft.