Technology plays an influential role in a company’s growth. Small and medium business owners rely on a range of software for their payroll management, inventory, accounting, order processing, etc. However, sometimes, the very systems used to streamline processes may hold the company back from growing to its full potential. It’s one of the key reasons why technology upgradation and Microsoft Dynamic 365 training becomes imperative.

The Challenges for Growing Businesses

As a business grows, its processes become more complex. While you may have software tools for every step of the way, they are usually silo’d. 54% of organizations struggle with disconnected systems. For example, the software used for emails does not talk to the CRM system.

So, when you receive an email with a new order, you need to open a new app to add it to your sales pipeline, another app to check it against inventory and yet another to make a new invoice. All of this takes extra effort and valuable time.

The silo’d approach also limits reporting capabilities. Basic reports are insufficient and the organization must buy additional software for insights. With time and as the company grows, the software sought may become outdated or limited to use on only a few select systems. Updating this becomes expensive.

Enter Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central

While basic software may be sufficient for businesses in their nascent stages, growing business needs are addressed most efficiently with the Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central. Easy to integrate and easier to use, all your employees need is some Dynamic 365 fundamentals training and your company can grow the way you visualize.

Microsoft Dynamic 365 offers a comprehensive business management solution for businesses of all sizes. An all-in-one, unified solution removes silos and connects people and processes seamlessly. It allows team members to share data without having to copy-paste it multiple times and thus gives decision-makers access to real-time, accurate data to make more informed decisions. Also important to note – it can be accessed on desktops, tablets, mobiles or via the cloud.

For example, with this system in place and relevant Microsoft Dynamic 365 training, when a sale is completed, the formation is shared automatically with the accounts team as well as forecast reports in the back office.  The software can also be connected to third-party applications and industry-specific systems for increased productivity. What’s more, the solution is easy to scale and has a low cost of ownership. A business can start using the system with as few or as many modules and users as needed and add more as it grows without additional system tuning or costs.

Advantages of Dynamic 365 fundamentals training

With Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamic 365 training businesses can streamline processes, accelerate growth and make smarter decisions. Here’s how.

Business Central Runs Wherever It’s Needed

With Dynamics 365, your business need not be limited to the office. It can be deployed on-premises or via the cloud and can be accessed on the go. What’s important to note is that irrespective of how it is accessed, the user experience remains the same. Business Central also supports up to 25 languages and thus improves employee productivity. While it stores and shares data across systems, it keeps the data protected from unauthorized access.

It Makes Financial Management Simpler

With Dynamics 365, data from various departments stay connected. The Power BI and Excel tools help generate real-time reports and make data visualization simpler to identify patterns and trends. In turn, this leads to more informed decision making across verticals and streamlines approval workflows. The custom general ledger and account schedule reporting tracks financial performance and gives you the information needed for the company’s growth.

It Optimizes the Supply Chain

Dynamics 365 has built-in AI modules to make processes smarter. By comparing sales forecasts and expected stock-outs, it predicts stock replenishment needs and can even automate purchase order creation. It allows employees to have a holistic view of inventory across locations and engage with suppliers proactively.

It Helps Maintain Timelines

By integrating solutions for all your needs and connecting systems, Dynamics 365 saves time. It’s project management capabilities help manage resources and make more effective decisions based on real-time insights. As a result, your team’s time and effort is spent more judiciously and project timelines become easier to maintain.

Getting the Best Dynamic 365 Fundamentals Training

For individuals and the companies they work in, relying on graduation degrees can go only so far. As companies upgrade their technology, employees must upgrade their skill sets. Getting certified is not very difficult today. Training modules are conducted in a number of different modes allowing participants to learn at their own pace. For a growing company, this leads to improved efficiency and for the individual; it is an asset for their resume and a way to increase their earning potential. Companies should also note that investing in developing their human resources is the best way to build team loyalty. So, upgrade your systems, train your team and get set to reach new heights.