In the olden days, growing your business meant reaching out to local companies that could help. Maybe it was a marketing firm in your hometown that you contracted with to create an effective ad in the local paper. Or perhaps it was a graphics business on the next corner that helped you come up with a more appealing logo.

Yet, the internet has changed all of this because now you can literally work with companies around the world when your goal is to grow your business and take it to even higher levels. What are some of the top online services that are worth considering? There are three.

1. Freelance Hiring Services

Whether you want to have code written for your website or you are in need of marketing content for your brochures and blogs, freelance platform sites can connect you with the experts in these types of areas.

The great thing about many of these sites is they enable customers to rate the freelancers and contractors they work with. This makes it easier to choose professionals that have already shown a certain level of proficiency.

While there are several from which to choose, shares that some of the best sites for hiring freelance service providers include Dice, Evanto Studio, and Fiverr. Others that made the list are,, HireMyMom, and MediaBistro.

2. Virtual Assistant Services

If you’re a one-person business or run a company that is entirely online, another service that can potentially make your life a whole lot easier is that of a virtual assistant.

Time Doctor explains that virtual assistants are individuals who are able to handle a variety of tasks ranging from managing your social media accounts to keeping your schedule to handling your emails. They can also help you prepare important reports and take care of simple digital marketing tasks.

Ideally, this person would take care of the office-based things that you either don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. Although it may be tempting to just do these things yourselfin an effort to save cash, Time Doctor goes on to say that hiring a virtual assistant can actually help you reduce your expenses.

Part of this savings is due to it being cheaper to outsource these tasks than to hire a full-time employee, which can really drive up your costs. You also save by not having to pay totrain someone to handle these sorts of tasks because an experienced virtual assistant already knows what to do.

3. Crowdsourcing Services

There’s an old adage that says that “two minds are better than one.” Therefore, if you’re not already taking advantage of crowdsourcing services, you may be missing out on this time-honored wisdom.

If you’re not familiar with this term, crowdsourcing involves reaching out to people inside your organization (such as employees and shareholders) and those outside your organization (customers and potential customers) to get their feedback on a particular topic or idea.

Additionally, by utilizing a crowdsourcing system, you’re able to keep all of the information you obtain in one central place, making it easier than ever to take the best feedback and ideas and turn them into business-growing strategies and plans.

Though there are many more, these three services—freelance hiring, virtual assistance, and crowdsourcing—are the ones that can have a major impact on business growth. And they can do it from literally anywhere in the world, giving you greater access to the exact services you both want and need. The services that can ultimately take your company to the next level.