An essay differs, for example, from chronicles or essays, where the writer writes relatively freely and often personally to his subject. An essay, on the other hand, will mainly consist of objective facts. To find facts, sources of different kinds are used: books, newspapers, web pages and own interviews. The guidelines for writing an essay may vary slightly depending on whether it is at upper secondary or university / university level. Most often, however, the assessment is stricter in one case, while the approach is basically similar in both cases. I personally, if faced with a situation where I am lack of time, ask my favorite service to write my essay for cheap.

What is an essay?

An essay is a fact-based text, often based on several sources, but with independent features such as analysis and discussion about the subject, more about what this means. Regarding the length of an essay, there are no clear rules, but it is often determined on a case by case basis by the teacher / supervisor. An essay is rarely more than 50 pages (theses may be longer).

Parts to be included in a typical essay:

Title page or cover page. First page where you enter the essay title (often centered above the middle), your name and year when the essay is written (which should be written in lowercase letters than the title). The school’s name (if it is at university level also the institution’s name), usually is written in the left hand corner.

Abstract: At university level there is a so-called abstract as a short summary of the essay.

Table of Contents: An overview of the essay will be preceded by the essay text. Here you enter the title and page number.

Introduction: In the introduction you will present your topic. In addition to a short presentation of the subject, the purpose of the essay should be included. Sometimes such as method, background and material are also mentioned – more if this follows.

Essay text:This is basically what constitutes the actual essay.

Summary:Following the essay, a summary summarizes what summarizes the essay.

Literature and source list: As the last page, there should be a reference list listing all used sources. Rules for how sources are specified.

Choose topic and delimitation

An essay should have a delineation within the subject. The reason for the delimitation is that the subject can be treated in its entirety and investigated properly. Therefore, an essay can’t cover the same types of subjects as the entire books are written but be limited to a small part of the subject and with a particular perspective.

Issue and purpose

In order to further focus on a part of the subject area, an essay should have one or more questions and one purpose, which often goes hand in hand, as the purpose may be to answer the question / arna. Issue / purpose will be presented in the introduction.


In terms of method, it sometimes differs from what is meant, inter alia, depending on the level of the thesis. Part of the method is to explain how the work is done. Has the question been answered using books, newspaper articles, interviews, surveys or other material? Method can also refer to the approach based on analysis and interpretation of the material. For example, if a comparative method has been used to explore the essay’s questionnaire.

From the above points we can conclude that the essay is a serious paper that follows a fairly strict writing format. Essays are very important for graduation at many universities, therefore treating them very seriously is recommended.