The digital age has brought us a wealth of opportunities that, just a few decades ago, we could not have imagined. Who would have believed the way online shopping has boomed? Or that we have access to information on just about anything at our fingertips, available in seconds? And what about the use of the internet for education? There has been a boost in online courses – from colleges and from the independent providers – and there are plenty of excellent resources to access. Are people choosing to study online and, if so, why? What influence does recession have on the online education world?

According to a recent study recession has the impact of causing more students to study online as it is an easy and cheap option. That’s not to say that online study is any less worthwhile than attending the classroom. In fact, it can be even more beneficial, as many students are well-versed in using the internet and digital communications, having been brought up in an era where these things are the norm. The sheer breadth of available courses of different levels, and in varied subjects, means that online learning is convenient too, and to study from home means cutting out costs such as travel and accommodation, which are always at the frontline of cost-savings in times of recession.

Online Education and International Crisis

At the time of writing, the Covid-19 pandemic is exerting its power over the world and the education system. Universities and other teaching establishments have been forced to close, with many turning to distance learning as a solution. This is no surprise, as it is the safest and most convenient thing to do, and as a recession will undoubtedly follow the crisis – and a worldwide one – it is to be expected that online learning will again weather the storm as more people choose the convenient way to learn. 

There are other past examples that prove recession affects education choices – a growth in distance learning follows just about every modern era of recession in turn – and there will be more in the future, so it is little surprise that online education providers will be gearing up for an influx of new learners and an increase in demand in the near future. If you are currently unable to attend classes, where do you go to continue your education with informative, engaging and professionally presented tuition?

Why MasterClass is Worth Checking Out

Among the many educational packages available online is MasterClass, and it offers a unique way of learning. Aimed at people who want to pick up new skills – whether that is writing, cooking, understanding politics and economy or singing and other performing arts – MasterClass uses people who are known and proven in their field to present short videos in a series. These people are not professors – unless that is appropriate – but professionals in their field.

For example, if you check out the Masterclass Review at you will find you can take a course in playing chess with Garry Kasparov or study business and politics with Howard Schultz. You might want to learn to act, in which case you can get involved in a video course presented by Helen Mirren, or Natalie Portman. These are just a snapshot of the names involved, and there are many more in a variety of different fields including fashion, music, design and the culinary arts. 

A masterClass is an example of why online education will ride through a recession, so if you are looking for a constructive way to use your time right now, why not check it out, and start learning skills you want to improve.