Your SSAT exam is one of the most crucial tests you will be taking in your life. A lot depends on your SSAT grades. Since the grades received in this test will determine the future of your career, you must put in an effort to get good scores.

Though I am sure you have prepared yourself well for the test, your preparation must be consistent and regular. This especially goes for the math section. Regular SSAT practice will be crucial to ensure good grades in this segment.

In addition to math, special care must be taken for the Readability section. Learning new words, understanding words in context, developing a good vocabulary, reading passages must all be focused on during the preparation process of the exam.

But even if you were taking care and doing all this on a regular basis, a few last moment exam tips must be used to save your exam day. Here are a few of them:

Concentrate In Your Weak Points:

It is very tempting to take a few practice test while preparing for your SSAT test. But the practice test will take you to a certain limit.

In order to get a good score with so little time left before the exam, drill into your mistakes and analyze what their source is.

Make sure you understand the roots of the mistakes and develop the right strategy to redress those.

Be Time Bound:

Do not spend your entire allotted time chasing all the questions. The last thing you want to hear in your SSAT exam is “time’s up”  Organize your questions and select the ones you can answer.

In addition to that, allot fixed time for each question so that you know how to proceed with the others. Ideally, you should not take more than a minute in the SSAT reading questions and around half a minute on the writing section. Only if you follow this pattern, will you have enough time to answer all the math questions and other tricky segments.

Take Your Sleep Seriously:

Sleep helps calm the nerves, and that is exactly what you need the night before your exam. Go to bed early and get at least a seven-hour sleep to recharge your body and mind. Ideally, you should wake up a little earlier than your usual time.

Get your body the sleep it requires. You don’t want to get sleepy and sloppy when you reach the exam hall.

Do Not Go For The Test Hungry:

It is important to eat a good and healthy breakfast before you appear for the exam. However, if you are one of those who feels nauseous after breakfast then you can skip it.

Ideally, small portions of protein and a nutritious snack can be tried. Proteins take time to digest and are thus ideal options. It is a good idea to get something to eat during the breaks, Nutri-bars and nuts can be effective for this purpose.

Dress Comfortably and Keep Everything In Place:

The idea is to dress as comfortably as possible. In that light, bring in other layers with you if you are likely to feel too hot or too cold. In addition to that, pack everything that you will require to appear for the exam the night before the exam.

 While you may require other things, your admission card, photo ID, pencils, eraser, calculator and watch must be packed in your bag first.

Stay calm:

Though this is easier said than done, you need to control your thoughts and calm yourself down to give your best possible shot during the exam. Anxious and mind-boggling thoughts will do you no good during the exam.

In order to keep yourself calm, practice a few breathing exercises. During this time you need to focus only on your breathing. This helps in lowering the blood pressure level and sets your thoughts straight.

It is okay to not know a few questions, in fact, it’s impossible to know all the questions on the paper, but that should not stop you. Do not fall in the pit of anxiety for that purpose. Work out well on the other questions that you know.

All the best.