World’s one of the largest international exams, the Olympiad is conducted to boost the energy and the ability of a candidate from the grass-root level. To strengthen the reasoning and analytical power of an aspirant become the sole purpose of these exams. It encourages all the candidates to participate in various other competitive exams in the upcoming future. They become more certain about their passion, field of interest, analytical skills, ways to comprehend their knowledge, and to take home fantastic schemes to be applied in higher studies. Conducted by various private organizations like SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation), CREST Olympiads, and the like, they are internationally proven to make a child self-confident, optimistic, more competitive, and composed towards life in general.

         Dilemma on how to crack Mathematics Olympiad in class 8? Not to worry at all! All one needs is a small step to achieve the big. It is significant to make a time-bound habit to thoroughly solve the math equation of one’s curriculum, NCERT being preferred the most. Revising all such techniques that one has learned so far, which may range from easiest to the hardest is the best way to get ahead with the exam. Avoiding shortcuts amid one’s preparation is an essential step to fare better. It is also highly advisable to note some key solving methods to be applied in the equations of a similar kind, setting a regular timetable and solving previous years’ questions to refurbish ourselves with the overall pattern of the paper. It is important to scrutinize each section of the paper with close attentiveness for a better understanding of the area of one’s weakness. Highlighting those parts and retaking exercises particularly based on such topics will increase one’s chances. There, one is 50% closer to a preparation. The rest 50% needs guidance from some previous Olympiad ranker or those training institutions where one gets trained approach through regular practice material, doubt-clearing sessions, incessant mock tests to magnify your chances for getting through. Attending well-structured lecturing sessions from online training institutes and referring to IMO Maths Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 8, keeps one equipped to the minutest tricks, pattern change, faulty areas, and things alike. 

Practicing, finding errors, and reworking those areas have to be the key strategy before one can sit for the exam. And there you are ‘almost’ prepared to take the test. Notwithstanding, there are still delicate details that concern the cracking of the exam and one cannot afford to overlook them.

         It is important to make oneself thoroughly aware of the intricacies of such international exams. It is highly significant to be extra cautious if the paper carries negative marking for each wrong answer. There remains a tendency among candidates to make presumptions and attend a greater number of questions, and the moment one does that, he/she is out of the game! Negative marking can turn the table for a supposed winner and that is when one’s resourcefulness comes to their rescue. As an Olympiad aspirant, dexterity regarding time management is another nuance to be taken care of. Contemplating and pondering over same questions over more than a required period will naturally lead to unwanted stress and inadvertent errors in most other questions. Stage fear is a common factor that is evident among many students. It is the responsibility of the candidate to throw away such fears into the abyss before entering the stage. It is scientifically proven that cracking any exams become half the easier than expected, when one is composed and confident and applies those little nuances which are expected of him while taking the test. Class 8 makes students familiar with all those patterns which students are expected to face in the board exam. Olympiads make such a process easier by detailed analysis and practice of all questions beyond the school curriculum as well. It is only through self-control, determination, and tranquillity from within, that aids to the bettering of the process.

         Being a student of class 8, it is expected of the candidate to be adept in the concept of trigonometry, arithmetic, and geometry and aware of all those alternative formulas required to apply as and when required. Apart from being a subject-specific expert, it stands equally significant to have a holistic science background, correlate theories, and procedures to stand out from the rest. It is also highly suggested to dig into books higher than one’s standard, once done with your curriculum. This increases the students’ conviction and gives them a greater ability to crack the hardest of questions and helps them secure one of the top ranks. Daring? Yes! But life itself is about taking up such daring tasks! While one is into it, it is significant to jot down any new ideas, approaches, theories, or equivalent stuff for greater retention and later use. The simultaneous process of reading and retention works like magic in the area of interest.

         Now, what comes complimentary while preparing for any competitive exams? One calls for untoward anxieties, panic attacks, breakdowns, and many more. Not surprising that such emotional breakdowns tend to hamper one’s daily routines and deviate concentration. The only solution to keep oneself away from such consequences will be to enjoy the journey once into it! Not everyone gets the chance to be selected for such prestigious exams. But there you are, with all your talents, passion, and wisdom on the field that already makes you a winner! So, eating healthy and having a sound sleep is equally essential to perform better with much-sorted minds and outcomes. 

         Amongst everything, it is important to remember, it is not the rank that matters the most. It is one’s willingness to increase and embrace the passion for the field, strive higher towards greater excellence, and have all the experience that one’s heart desires! Enjoy and reap the benefits of the process until reaching the destination. The step towards achieving it might not be easy but once there, it’s all worth the patience and dedication.