Montblanc has a reputable name in the global market for luxury goods. With beautifully designed watches and Swiss craftsmanship, it is highly sought after. However, Montblanc did not start as a watchmaker; they first specialized in luxury pens. They also offer leather products like wallets, pouches, bags, belts, and cardholders. Every design of their watch has a well-thought function. Hence, Montblanc watches are among the top brands. You have a wide variety of choices. Have a checklist of the things you have to consider in buying a luxury watch for the first time.

Brief Company History

The company was created by Alfred Nehemias, a merchant, August Eberstein, an engineer, and Claus Voss, a stationary trader, in 1906. The very first product they have is a non-leaking pen. Since its formation, the company is now a leading brand of luxury pen. With the great craftsmanship they have, they added wearables in their product line. The company’s name originated from Western Europe’s highest peak, the Mont Blanc. Dunhill Holding Company bought the major shares of the company in the 1980s. The company produced watches in 1997. Montblanc is now a well-known brand of luxury watches with different collections. 

Watch Collections

Montblanc watches have different product lines, and each has a distinctive feature. 

  • The TimeWalker collection 

It is the most popular model of the Montblanc watch. Released in 2017, it is the go-to watch of sports enthusiasts. It is designed to be worn in speed sports. It is inspired by high-speed motorsports. The watch line has 3 different strap colors. This includes silver stainless steel, black and brown leather. TimeWalker has either 2 or 3 subdials. The design exposes masculinity and is made of durable materials to stand the pressure and scratches while wearing it during a sports event. 

  • The Heritage line

It is for the vintage hearts. With the leather straps and elegant patterns, it is perfect for a formal party. You have 2 options for the color of the watch face. It is available in white and salmon, and you can also choose between gold and silver bezels.

  • Bohème

It is a collection with a feminine style. It has a simple and timeless design. Thus, this is one of the best sellers in this line for a day and night design. The prominent feature is the day and night indicator. When it is daytime, it shows a big gold sun and a blue sky. During the night, it has a gold moon and a dark sky with stars. This watch has a romantic vibe with its blue leather strap. It is also available in silver stainless steel.

  • Star Legacy

This has a similarity with the Heritage line. You can spot the difference in the numbers. The Star Legacy line uses either Roman or Arabic numerals. While the heritage has about 2 or three Arabic numerals and dots indexes.

  • Montblanc 1858

It is inspired by the adventure of mountaineering. It is designed to be used while conquering the tough trails. Having a modern twist of the 1920s to 1930s military, it is the most expensive line of Montblanc watches ranging from $3,000 to $7,000. The watch colors are based on nature. 

  • The Tradition line

It is designed with classic characters. Each watch has a delightful contrast between black and white. Others have an elegant blue colored face. There are only two strap options, the black leather, and the cold silver.

  • Summit 2 

It is up with the trend of modern smartwatches. It can be connected to your phones. You can download the Timeshifter app to manage the functions. It is a combination of a luxury lifestyle design and a fitness tracker on your wrist.

Checklist in Choosing Your First Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are investments. Here are the factors to consider for beginners.

  • Brand

The first thing that comes to mind when buying luxury goods is the brand name. It is about the why of buying a watch. This helps you choose a brand. Why do you want to get a luxury watch? When are you going to use it? For a watch aficionado, a brand tells a story about the one wearing it. Each brand has its specializations.

  • Budget

How much are you willing to spend? Luxury watches are priced in thousands of dollars. With decades of research, development, and quality, the price is all worth it. These luxurious watches can stand the test of time. It can even surpass the life of the owner.

  • Design

From the shape to color, it is what we take pride in the watch we wear. An eye-catching wristwatch is a great investment. The watch face tells a lot about its functions. You can easily identify a sports watch, a vintage one or a timepiece to complement your dress. What color would you like? Earth colors suit any occasion and outfit. It is advisable for your first purchase so you can use it more often.

  • Warranty

Having good post-purchase support gives you peace of mind. After shelling out a good amount, you deserve to have the assurance that if defects are detected, it will be simple to claim against the warranty. However, with the craftsmanship of Luxury watches, it is rare to find a defective watch.

  • Material

Luxury watches go over and beyond with the materials they use for each watch. It’s not just leather or stainless steel. They go for pearls, gold, and diamonds. What type of mineral or stone do you want to have in your watch? The material can also tell you about your preference.

Final Thoughts

A detailed comparison of the different Montblanc watch lines will help you choose your first luxury watch. Each line is designed for a specific occasion and event. The materials are also chosen based on the environment where the watch will probably be used. With the checklist and the features presented, you can lower your choices to a specific line and design that best suits you. Choosing is as exciting as going to the store or checking it out online. Have the best luxurious and durable Montblanc watch on your wrists.