Are you a jewelry connoisseur looking for a unique and exciting new addition to your collection?

While it might not be as widely known as some other ancient cultures, Viking jewelry has been a recurring theme that is growing in popularity. Viking jewelry makes a very special gift for the wearer and for the receiver, and a great addition to any jewelry assortment.

Read on to find out exactly how you can start styling this exciting new addition to your jewelry box.

Traditional Knotwork Jewelry for Viking Style

When styling traditional knotwork jewelry for the Viking style, it is important to consider the historical traditions and symbolism of the pieces. Opt for silver or gold jewelry with intricate knots, symbols, and other adornments that were inspired by Nordic artifacts.

Knotwork is a favorite among Viking jewelry lovers, as it symbolizes unity and protection. There are other options that can be found on this page on Viking jewelry. This includes animal-inspired motifs—like horses, boars, and wolves—as well as symbols of the Norse gods.

Working with Leather for Crafted Adornment

Viking jewelry is a beautiful addition to leather-crafted adornment, and there are lots of ways you can style it. First, select jewelry that is specific to designs inspired by Norse culture. You can use these pieces as focal points to draw the eye or to add an interesting texture to the overall look.

Attach them to leather pieces with jump rings, simply sew or rivet them in place, or incorporate them into leather bands. Finally, combine them with other leather crafts such as woven bands, pressed designs, and brass accents to create truly unique Viking-style jewelry.

Colorful and Statement Gemstones for Making an Impact

One way to create an impact with colorful and statement gemstones is by styling jewelry the Viking way. Viking jewelry, otherwise known as Germanic jewelry, often consists of braided metal bands, runes, and gemstones. Depending on the gemstones chosen, the jewelry can be made to be highly decorative and colorful.

For example, some of the traditional gemstones used by Vikings include garnet, amber, and amazonite. These gemstones can be used to create bold and vibrant statement jewelry that is eye-catching and sure to make an impact.

Layering Viking Jewelry for a Bold Expression

Layering Viking Jewelry is the key to creating a bold expression. Begin by selecting one main piece as the focus, such as a chunky bead necklace or bracelets with intricate details. For the best effect, pick pieces that echo the same color palette or shape.

Add different textures to keep the look interesting by mixing metal chain necklaces, leather strands, and bangles in contrasting tones or patterns. Finish it off with bold, attention-grabbing pieces such as a large statement charm or a detailed ring.

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You can now step outside proudly with your stylish Viking jewelry. With a little effort and creativity, you can add an interesting spin to your overall look. Why not push the boundaries and give your outfit a unique and complimentary finish?

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