You love the casual, laid-back look of men’s t-shirt styles. And by the time the weekend rolls around, you’re ready to get out of your suit. 

You may also work in an office environment where t-shirts are the norm (think Silicon Valley). Or, maybe you’re just looking to upgrade your style game.

Wearing men’s t-shirts can be much trickier than you might expect. It’s easy to end up looking disheveled if you get it wrong. 

Need a little help?

Consider this your ultimate t-shirt style guide. 

In it, we’ll cover which colors will look the most flattering on you, how to pull off a graphic tee, and much more. 

1. Pick the Right Color Palette

Let’s begin this t-shirt style guide by talking about the importance of choosing a color that flatters your skin tone. (To get a better understanding of your skin’s tone and undertones, use this guide.) 

You don’t want your tee to wash you out or blend in too much with your natural skin tone. 

If you have fair or pale skin, you need colors that provide contrast. Think things like forest green, navy, brown, burgundy, and even a darker gray.

It’s likely best for you to leave the pastel shades at home, and to go for darker “neutral colors”. Shades like camel and khaki, for example, will work better than white or beige. 

Those with olive and medium-brown skin can get away with somewhat bolder colors, like magenta, pastel pink, and sky blue. Colors like light browns, mustard yellows, and olive greens should be avoided, as they can wash you out. 

If you have a darker skin tone, you can wear pretty much any t-shirt styles you like. So, don’t be afraid to go for bright, bold colors and patterns. Think bright yellows and oranges, pastels, rich blues and teals, and white to provide a nice contrast. 

2. Materials Matter

When you’re on the hunt for the best t-shirts for men, you need to ensure that you understand which materials are the right fit for you – and which ones aren’t. 

First of all, understand that high-quality material doesn’t just make your clothes look better, but it also keeps you more comfortable throughout the day. This means that you need to be willing to make an investment in your t-shirts. 

The best option here is cotton, which is breathable, light, and seriously comfy. However, it can sometimes shrink after a wash cycle, so let cotton shirts air dry to protect them. 

We strongly suggest that you avoid polyester at all costs, which is a synthetic fiber. 

Not only will polyester shirts have a shorter lifespan, but they can also be itchy and uncomfortable – plus, they just look cheap. 

However, the 50/50 balance of a poly/cotton blend usually works well for t-shirt materials. These shirts won’t wrinkle, are still comfortable, and hold their shape well over time. 

3. Express Your Personality

Graphic tees are among the most popular types of shirts for men – and for good reason. 

They allow you to be a bit cheeky, they help you to express your personality, they can increase your clout by showing others the brands you’re wearing, and much more. 

Here, the goal is to choose t-shirts that you genuinely like, not that you think other people will be impressed by. Graphic tee style icons to take advice from include Pete Davidson, A$AP Rocky, Antoni Porowski, and Harry Styles. 

Just make sure you’re wearing graphic tees to the right occasions. While they’re appropriate for a casual date night or an evening out with friends, they’re not ideal for meeting your future mother-in-law or for a work event. 

4. Know the Difference Between Casual and Sloppy

T-shirts are certainly the most casual types of shirts for men, but when you’re wearing them, it’s essential that you take a few key steps to avoid looking sloppy. 

First of all, make sure you select t-shirts with a tight neck.

While we’re sure you think that other people enjoy seeing your chest hair, that look only works if you’re wearing a v-neck tee. It’s not as flattering when the elastic is so worn out on your tee-shirt that you have a strange, uneven sagging neckline with some discoloration thrown in. 

Always take the time to iron your best men’s t-shirts, and please throw away any that have visible yellow sweat stains under the armpits. (Yes, everyone can see the stains – and probably smell them, too.) 

Finally, to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed, pay close attention to grooming and accessorizing when wearing a tee. 

Designer sneakers, a crisp leather messenger bag, and an elegant belt will go a long way towards dressing up jeans and a tee. So will a few extra moments with your hair in the mirror. 

What Have You Learned from This T-Shirt Style Guide?

We hope this t-shirt style guide has helped you to understand the importance of wearing the right colors, investing in good materials, and how to avoid looking like a slob when you want to dress casually. 

Above all, remember to wear clothing that makes you happy, helps you to express yourself, and that you genuinely feel good in. 

Need a bit more fashion advice? 

Whether you’re looking for a few tips on how to put together a job interview outfit that wows, or if you just can’t seem to decipher the dress code on a wedding invitation, we can help. 

Keep checking in with our blog to make sure you look your best and turn heads for the right reasons.