People have the natural inclination to quantify everything, most significantly time. People started to measure which part of the day the sun rises, which period the rain pours, including the unfolding of varying seasons. Until such time humans learned to count years, months, days, and eventually, hours.

Humanity discovered sundials, society established units of measuring time, devised clocks, and watches later on. The development of watches was astoundingly successful that such little wrist-device already became a commodity because it left everyone the concrete need to tell the time.

The wristwatch then shifted from being a mere timepiece to being a fashion and status quo statement. It resulted in the creation of various luxurious lines from all around the globe. But, a brand seems embedded into the fibers of human memory, whose pieces always carry a glimpse of the classics, Rolex.

Class and Nobility

The kind of watch one wears is a means of determining social status. Perhaps, it is the sole reason why people who love to collect watches go for elegant pieces and willingly pay vast amounts of cash. The designs Rolex provides to their clients are high class and noble. Since its creation, it has paved the way to continue generating appealing timepieces in the market.

Since the early 1900s, people would still prefer this luxurious brand over its competitors. Its notable features are the main reasons why Rolex is renowned. Its reputable durability cloaked in classic charm and elegance will indemnify the price you pay.

Behind Its Luxurious Cost

Rolex is among the few luxurious watch brands that most desire to lay on their wrist. Some may even save up for years to own even just the cheapest model. Behind its great worth are the ultra-rare materials and the arduous techniques used in crafting every product: each timepiece, sui generis. You are paying for that which sets you apart from the others.

Aside from the unique materials and procedures, the company itself continues to engage in significant research and development. With this, they ensure that their craftsmanship is world-class and preeminent, so every enthusiast will receive the satisfaction he deserves.

Top-Pick Models

Even if Rolex has all the people’s admiration, few models are ranked and well-loved by their collectors. Rolex offers various models, but their top picks will surely make your eyes drool over the fascinating design and unique features.

Among the top pick models are the Rolex Submariner 116610LN, notable for its incredible diving suitability that is well-equipped for its purpose. Instigated in 2011, but collectors still eye on this timepiece since its creation. Crafted with steel and black bezel as its medium, Rolex Submariner captivates its beholder!

Another top pick model is the Rolex GMT Master Ⅱ 116758SA, with its gold and diamond embellishments add to its luxury and style. You would want to gladly stare at your wrist forever because of the added baguette sapphires to increase and emphasize its refined looks and features! It has self-activating ticks of date and time.

Honorable Mentions

Rolex GMT Master Ⅱ, sometimes called the Rolex Batman Watch, is a 40 mm watch formulated with oyster steel material. The casing of this elegant timepiece is bidirectional rotatable 24-hour graduated, and it comes in two colors: black cerachrom and blue.

To those people who love to be luxurious and be deep-sea explorers at the same time, the Rolex Sea Dweller is the perfect piece for you! Such timepiece prevailed exemplary among professional divers with its highly-recognized feature such as being noncorrosive in harsh water conditions.

Another exceptional timepiece is the Rolex Explorer Ⅱ 216570. The name speaks for itself; it is suitable for your daring adventures! Engineered with a folding clasp and made of 904-L steel, it is highly functional even when exposed to harsh environments. In case you want to have an underwater expedition, it can go through 100-meter below. Plus, it comes with a 43mm case.


It is up to your which ones to choose from the vast array of glamorous timepieces. If you like to look classy and noble, you can select their GMT Master Ⅱ, suitable for business people and office-type collectors. If you are a bit of an adventurer, you can pick Rolex Sea-Dweller and Rolex Explorer Ⅱ as your companion.

Nevertheless, whichever item from Rolex should you wish to buy guarantees luxury and elegance. One stunning piece alone will surely take you a thousand steps up the social ladder. Choose your Rolex now, and feel the glamour and class it has provided since time immemorial.