You can invest in it and buy fancy jewelry made out of it. Now get ready to eat it!

That’s right, chefs from around the world are now experimenting with edible gold, creating some Instagram-worthy and expensive concoctions. Heck, some even break world records!

If you just so happen to have a few hundred (or thousand) dollars burning a hole in your wallet, what better way to spend it than on gold food?

Do you want to know where you can find these unique meals? Keep reading to discover 5 expensive foods that are truly made for royalty.

1. Pizza

New York’s Industry Kitchen doesn’t exactly sell the city’s signature dollar slice. Instead, they’ve created a $2,000 pizza covered in edible gold, foie gras, caviar, and truffles.

While you can’t create a long-term investment in this gold like you can at Goldco, splurging on a gold-covered pizza is sure to be one experience you’ll never forget.

2. Bagel

Another iconic New York staple, the bagel, has been upgraded to include edible gold. At The Westin, you can buy a classic bagel that’s been enhanced with a goji-berry Riesling jelly and an Alba white truffle cream cheese. Of course, there are also those signature gold flakes that turn this into a $1,000 bagel.

3. Burger

This isn’t your typical McDonald’s dollar menu burger. You can find gold-covered burgers in New York, Australia, London, and California, just to name a few.

Most choose to cover the bun with edible gold leaves to give it that wow-factor at first glance. The burgers also contain some top-quality ingredients, like Kobe Wagyu beef, foie gras, truffles, lobster, and caviar.

Prices range depending on where you get your gold burger, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $90 to almost $2,000.

4. Sushi

There’s no better place to enjoy fresh sushi than Japan. Of course, you can also try a gold-covered sushi roll here for the low, low price of 10,800 yen (about $96).

It’s filled with about a dozen different types of seafood, including tuna, crab, sea bream, raw sea urchin, and squid. The roll is then wrapped in gold-covered seaweed.

If you don’t want to fly all the way to Tokyo, you can also enjoy some gold-accented sushi in New York and Boston.

5. Doughnut

If you happen to find yourself in Miami, you can’t miss the opportunity to try the world’s most expensive doughnut. For $100, you can enjoy a treat that’s made with a purple sweet yam from the Philippines called ube and Cristal champagne. It’s then airbrushed gold and topped with a gold leaf.

You can also find similar gold doughnuts in South Australia and New York.

Gold Food You Need to See to Believe

Why settle for any old burger or doughnut, when you can try them topped with edible gold! If you’re looking for a unique culinary experience, you have to try one of the gold food options listed above.

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