Have you been in a situation where a careless driver hits your vehicle from the rear and then claims to be right while painting you as the negligent one? I bet that must have been difficult trying to explain yourself to the cops without pictorial or video evidence, it’s your word against theirs. We all have been in that situation where we wished we could replay the hands of time just to get the clear details or information on how an accident, car vandalism, or some event on the road happened.

Well good news, you no longer have to be in that tough spot where you can not give an accurate description of what happened on the road or where you have to rain down hell in a bid to prove your innocence during or after an accident.

This is where dash cams come in.

Dashboard cameras also called dash cams are digital video recorders, or simply put, cameras that are mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard or windscreen which record every detail that takes place on the road while you are driving.  You can also mount a dash cam on your car’s rear or other windows so you won’t miss anything that happens around your car.

You can use a dashcam for various purposes but the primary nature of a dashcam is to act as a silent witness in the event of an accident. You can also use a dashcam to take a 360 degrees recording of the interior of your vehicle.

That is not all. 

You can also automatically send pictures and videos to your phones, or laptops, and other personal devices using 4G.

The picture quality will depend on your Dashcam’s resolution. A third-generation dash camera offers 1080P front and rear full HD view.

Since we have established the meaning of dashcams and why you must have a dashcam, let us now take a look at some of the awesome ways you can use a dashcam.


Dashcams do not only operate while driving, they can also be used when your car is parked or you are not in motion.  Many dash cams have a parking mode feature that ensures that your dashcam is still recording while your call is parked. As such, dash cams can act as a safeguard against thefts and vandalism. Not only is your car and the surroundings around your car being recorded, but in the cases of theft and vandalism, you can easily follow up such cases as you have videos and pictorial evidence to support your claim. You know who to prosecute since you caught the individual red-handed in action.


We love to think of dash cams as your independent motorist witness. In cases of accidents, your dashcam can provide evidence that can prove your innocence or support your claim.

Nowadays, many careless drivers are in the habit of preying on unsuspecting motorists. They hit these motorists while driving particularly from the rear and then claim damages to their vehicles, thereby pushing the responsibility to the innocent motorists who would have to pay for either part or complete repairs. Such cases are on the rise particularly in America and in Europe.  However, thanks to dashcams, you can never fall prey to such drivers.

Having a dashcam in your car means you have access to supporting evidence at your fingertips if you are involved in an accident or you witness one. No need to argue or try so hard to defend yourself as all you need to do is simply present your dashcam evidence.

Most authorities nowadays in the UK now accept dashcam footage as evidence. In the case of a hit and run, you do not have to bother about cramming the plate number of the offending vehicle as your dashcam does all the work for you. 


Whoever said dashcams were only useful for videos and pictorial evidence only. Dashcams can also aid your navigation skills while driving and helps you become a better driver.

With dash cams mounted at the sides and rear of your vehicle, you can easily see the surroundings around your car while navigating.  Areas or environs that you would have missed while using a side mirror can easily be picked up by your dashcam.

Also, while driving at night, a dashcam night vision can aid your driving and give you a better driving experience. The Nextbase 622GW is an example of a dashcam that offers night vision features.                                              

 If you constantly struggle with seeing oncoming vehicles while driving at night or have difficulties while navigating, or making a reverse or side turn, then a dashcam is the answer to your problems.


Having a dash cam on your vehicle also have some cost-effective benefits such as a low insurance premium.

Various insurance companies recognize the importance of dashcams and offer a discount on insurance premiums if you have a dashcam mounted on your vehicle.  For example, Swiftcover offers a discounted insurance rate when you have a dashcam in your vehicle. They further specify that you must have a Nextbase make of dashcam.


While providing pictorial and video evidence when you are involved in an accident, a dash cam can also provide evidence against other motorists and road users in cases of rough driving and accidents even when you are not directly involved in the accident.

Your dash cam can record and take pictures of other motorists which you can use in the case of accidents and also for quick settlements of disputes. For hit and run as well as other cases such as drunk driving, your dashcam comes in handy in presenting evidence either before a court or to settle a dispute.

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