Building a recording studio is the first step in your musical journey. Obviously, this is something you should do with great commitment because it is going to be an investment for the lifetime. Whether you are planning to build a recording space in your bedroom or a dedicated area elsewhere, you need to have the proper equipment in place. The best way to start is by researching the stuff you will need based on your requirements. Further, you will have to find about the latest gadgets that fit into your budget. Here is a checklist of the essential music production gadgets for your first studio. 

A computer

Music production has gone digital and one thing that you cannot survive without is a computer. Beyond music production and audio recording, you will require a computer to access the internet, which is something that every artist needs to do. For example, you may want to buy instrumentals from a beats website during the production. Or you may want to watch the trending music videos for inspiration. This is where a computer will be an absolute necessity. 

 DAW and Audio Interface 

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is the software that is used for recording, editing, and mixing music on the computer. Along with this software component, you will require the audio interface to complete the job. Essentially, this is the hardware that connects the computer with the rest of the gear. While you may buy these items separately, they are also available as a combo.


Evidently, a microphone is something that you cannot imagine a studio without. However, a single microphone will not suffice for professional production and you will need a collection of dozens for different purposes. At the start, you may have one or two for the basic requirement of vocal recording. Gradually, you can keep adding on the basis of the instruments you plan to record with.


Another gadget that you cannot miss in your studio is headphones. They keep the noise out while you record and serve as a great aid for recording and mixing as well. Whether you buy rap beats or LoFi beats , you will absolutely need a good pair of headphones all the time. It is recommended to have closed-back headphones for tracking and open back headphones for mixing.

Studio monitors 

Basically, studio monitors are the professional counterpart of the regular consumer speakers. These are meant to provide a flat frequency response so that the artist can detect the flaws in a track and address them accordingly to create a perfect one. Good ones are expensive but it is always advisable to pick the best available because they will last as an investment in the long run. 

These are the basics that you would require as a beginner, though there is more stuff such as cables, microphone stands, and pop filters as well. Gradually, you can keep upgrading with time and as you grow as an artist. Make sure that you buy quality gear that delivers the best results and last year after year.