Whether you’re a new Apex legend player or someone who has crossed that level, there are many easy-to-follow tips to boost your skill. However, we’ve handpicked some of the most effective ones to give you the best experience ever in the game. Also, we’ve got some of the best Apex cheats to shorten the learning curve.

The truth is that Apex Legends is captivating and thrilling. The game has continued to win the heart of many video gamers, just like you. It can keep you glued to your seat from the beginning till the end of the game. But you will need the tips below to enjoy every second of the game. 

Check them out below.

Quick Tips to Improve Your Gameplay Apex Legends

1. Spend More Time Practicing 

Before you jump into the Apex Legends map, spend more time practicing and understanding everything in the game. Use the “Training Mode” to improve your strafing and snapping skills. To improve your aim, you must practice strafing until you’re perfect. 

Secondly, spending time in Training mode is worth it if you want to be good at snapping. It’ll help you learn how to move from one target to another quickly. It goes a long way in keeping you alive in real fights.

Apart from perfecting your strafing and snapping skills, you must learn every weapon in Apex Legends. Thankfully, the practice time will give you ample opportunity to try the weapons and understand how they work. 

2. Find the best sensitivity for your mouse.

Finding the best sensitivity for your mouse takes you back to Training mode. Just like the Army would prepare in their base before setting out for a battle, you must prepare all you need in your base (the training mode) before diving into the main game.

You don’t want to pause every five seconds to adjust your mouse sensitivity because it’s too slow or fast. While in training mode, notice how your mouse sensitivity is working. If it’s not comfortable for you, adjust to the level that’s just right. Do this before entering the battle zone. Not only will your aim be accurate, but it’ll also help you land accurate shots.

3. Take the fight to the enemies.

One of the most effective tips to improve your gameplay in Apex Legends is going hard on the enemies. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, taking fights to your enemies is an excellent tip to take them by surprise, eliminate as many as possible, and emerge as the winner in the end. However, you must have the best weapon, armor, and gear.

You don’t want to take the fight to your enemies and die in their base. Equip with long-range or sniper rifles, and don’t forget your armor. If you have the purple armor and SMG, then you’re good to go. 

By bringing the fight to the enemy, your chances of getting valuable loot increase. 

4. Try not to over-loot

Do not over-loot in Apex Legends, no matter how valuable or numerous the contents are. While you’re busy looting, the enemies take their stands, devising tactical moves and tricks to get you down. Don’t over-loot doesn’t mean you should not loot at all. Loot whenever your area is clear and calm. 

However, focus more on the fight as you move toward the Ring. Speaking of the Ring, as it’s closing, all players will start rotating and begin to move inward. Things can get tricky here. So instead of looting more than you need, be vigilant and ready to combat. 

5. Don’t stop moving from cover to cover

It’s always hard to hit a target moving in unpredictable directions. So, as you approach enemies, fight, and move inwards to the closing Ring, don’t forget to keep moving. If an enemy is trying to flank you, it’ll be difficult. Also, as you move around, the enemy will have a difficult time with his aim. Also, your chances of getting hit by an enemy bullet are little to zero.


Apex Legends is always fun to play. However, if you want to improve and have the best gaming experience ever, follow these tips. Spend more time practicing, find the best sensitivity for your mouse, take fights with the enemies, and always move from one cover to another. 

More importantly, don’t over-loot. Instead, quickly loot only valuable and necessary items.