If you’re thinking of improving your health and fitness, there’s no better time to start than right now. It’s extremely important for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to invest time and effort into staying healthy. It isn’t just about looking great and fitting in – although making positive changes in your lifestyle can improve your figure as well as the appearance of your skin and hair. There’s so much more to gain from getting fit and healthy. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider making the change.

More Energy

The more you exercise, the more energy you’ll have. This is because, as it becomes more and more physically active, your body produces higher and higher levels of mitochondria – the parts of a cell’s structure that generate energy – in preparation for further activity. Eating the right foods will also improve your energy levels. B Vitamins in particular are great for this, as are naturally occurring sugars and fatty acids. Taking in more iron and cutting down on foods containing lots of added sugar can also help to give you a boost.

Cheaper Life Insurance Premiums

When you apply for life insurance, you’ll be offered better premiums if you’re fit and healthy. To apply for a policy, you will need to inform your chosen broker of your height and weight – from which they’ll be able to work out your BMI – as well as any existing health conditions. The lower risk you appear, the cheaper your premiums will be. Remember, before purchasing life insurance, you’ll need to make sure that you understand the circumstances under which a payout will or will not occur and research the policy’s cash surrender value to work out how much you will receive if you have to cancel.

Better Mood

Regular exercise and an improved diet can also make you happier. Certain ingredients – including oily fish and foods that contain vitamin D – can help to promote the production of serotonin, which is known as the happy hormone. Consume B vitamins too for a boost of concentration levels. Physical exertion also helps you to produce serotonin – so keep moving and eating the right stuff, and you’ll notice your mood improving significantly.

More Options for Recreation

Your whole world opens up when you are fit and healthy. You can walk faster and further, take on bigger challenges and be capable of taking on more. Many people decide to get in shape in order to complete a certain goal – such as climbing a mountain or fitting into a wedding dress. Once that aim has been achieved, they then realize that they can do much more – from saving money on buses and taxis to competing in marathons.

Fewer Healthcare Requirements

Improving your health now is a great investment for later life. Exercise and healthy eating can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve bone, muscle, and joint health and prevent issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and various cancers. Avoid life-restricting conditions, regular trips to the hospital, reliance on medication, and reduced mobility by eating well and getting more active from today.