Those entering later chapters of life may be having trouble adjusting to the various health challenges that come with aging. In a world that sometimes seems dismissive of those more advanced in years, it can be scary to feel like you aren’t being taken seriously in regards to your own health. More and more people are embracing healthcare at home as part of their general wellness routines. Can people in their golden years benefit too? Read on for the information you need to decide for yourself.

Avoiding unnecessary risks

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the dangers of practices formerly accepted as the norm, like waiting rooms at the doctor’s office. Getting sick with a cold or flu later in life isn’t just unpleasant – it can truly be dangerous. Avoiding a waiting room means you avoid exposure to the wide variety of illnesses treated by your doctor’s medical practice.

If you are actively around children who aren’t eligible to be vaccinated from Covid-19 and its variants, skipping the waiting room can help protect them too. House call doctors enable you to pursue your health goals and get treatment for uncomfortable conditions while mitigating the risk of getting yourself or an unvaccinated or high-risk loved one sick.

Healthcare on your terms

Concierge physicians who offer in-home services operate on a patient-focused model. This means that instead of taking on the extreme administrative and financial burden of dealing with insurance companies, practices accept payment directly instead. This allows house call doctors to offer 30-45 minute appointments, rather than having to race through the average 15 minutes given by doctors who do accept insurance. That extra time can make a major difference as you deal with body changes and co-existing health conditions that you’ve never dealt with before.

The extra time also allows you the opportunity to build a plan with your in-home healthcare provider that puts your needs and concerns first. Proactively addressing seemingly small health concerns and restoring general wellness now means they are less likely to turn into serious and expensive health issues later. It also can improve your mental health, as you feel better and can pursue the things that bring you joy.

As you age, you will be faced with more difficult choices regarding your health than ever before, so it’s important to have a strong relationship with the doctors who will help guide you through those decisions. Embracing a house call physician as your primary care physician (PCP) now can help you feel confident in the advice and treatment you are getting when you need it most.

Since PCPs are often responsible for referrals and helping to coordinate specialist care, the last thing you want is to find yourself needing to change doctors when in the middle of a health crisis.

Promoting autonomy

Although no one wants to become a burden on those they love, at some point it’s necessary to ask for help as you advance in years. One of the most common things that seniors find themselves needing assistance with is transportation and mobility. As appointments stack up and you have to keep reaching out to your community for assistance, it’s easy to feel like your autonomy gets lost in the shuffle. Adult children or other adults in your community have work obligations and their own nuclear families to juggle along with your appointments, which can make you feel like a source of stress rather than a valued loved one.

Getting healthcare at home can relieve the stress placed on those relationships. Instead of feeling frustrated and frazzled with trying to get you the healthcare you need on the doctor’s schedule, you can now arrange appointments around family events and interactions that enhance those relationships most important to you. Appointments that once required logistical gymnastics can become simple with at home annual physicals and other routine care.

Many mobile concierge healthcare providers offer dedicated care coordinator services. These coordinators will help you keep track of all your appointments, prescriptions, and directives for your PCP as well as any specialists you are referred to. Having a specific person you can check in with to assist with administrative issues can be a big relief to those struggling with memory issues, or who have extremely busy schedules that require a lot of organizing.

In-Home Healthcare Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

There’s no denying that the convenience and personalized care offered by mobile concierge healthcare providers exceeds the experience of visiting offices and fighting with insurance for the care you need.

Whether you’re looking for more guidance in hitting health goals, looking for a reliable doctor to guide you and your family through end-of-life decisions, or just want to try something new, healthcare at home has something to offer. Consider booking an appointment with an in-home house call doctor today!