Right now, 1 in 12 adults suffer from alcohol abuse.  

Quitting the bottle can seem like a difficult task for those addicted but also viewed as a joke by those who don’t recognize any problem. 

Before (and during) the time you quit drinking, it is important that you understand why you want to stop and what alcohol does to your body.

Continue reading to learn about 7 reasons why you should stop drinking alcohol and the benefits you will see from quitting.

Why You Should Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that typically requires professional help. Many people are now using online resources to stop drinking because of its convenience. Whatever way you decide to get help is fine but in order to overcome a drinking you must see how it affects you.

Below are just a few of the benefits of not drinking but there are many other reasons out there.

1. You’ll Save Money

Bar receipts add up quickly, especially when you are out drinking and don’t think to check them. Quitting drinking will save you A LOT of money. Think about it… no more paying for expensive drinks, you’ll save on tipping, and you won’t be as tempted to grab a late night meal on the way home.

Instead you’ll have the opportunity to put that money towards more meaningful things in life! 

2. Say Goodbye to Hangovers

Even with all of the technological and medical advancements there is still NO cure for a hangover. Sure, there are plenty of remedies but they never seem to fully do the job. 

Quitting drinking will eliminate all chances of getting a hangover because your body won’t be filled with sugary- alcoholic beverages. 

3. You Will Have Clearer Skin

Alcohol is a diuretic. This means it contributes to dehydration and reduces skin elasticity. Quitting drinking will make your skin look younger and healthier, not dry and brittle. 

Consuming alcohol also causes inflammation, which explains the rosy cheeks people get when they’ve been drinking

4. You Can Lose Weight

Once you quit drinking you will notice that you are no longer taking in empty calories from sugar filled drinks. Late night food stops after partying will also become a thing of the past. 

Drinking alcohol adds a lot of extra calories into the diet and your body converts them into sugar. It is important to learn about other ways you may be preventing your weight loss too.   

5. Better Sleep

Many people say that they drink in order to get better sleep. This however, is not true. Alcohol actually reduces the quality of your sleep, possibly because you can’t get comfortable with an upset stomach. It also reduces the amount of time sleeping.

Skip on the drinks and get a good nights rest instead. 

6. Be in Control of Your Own Actions

Have you ever sent a text to someone you shouldn’t? Or broke something at home (or at a friends house) because you weren’t in control of your actions?

Being incapable of your own actions can become a problem because it can put you and those around you at risk. Not to mention, all of the objects in the house that have gotten destroyed. Quitting drinking will eliminate this problem and give you your life back. 

7. You Will See Less Health Problems

One of the most important reasons why you should stop drinking alcohol is because it is terrible for your health. Quitting alcohol significantly reduces your risk of disease and prevents further damage to your liver and the rest of your body. 

Not only will you see physical improvements, your mental health will also get better. Without alcohol you won’t be on a rollercoaster of irrational emotions that you act out on, instead to will be able to identify problems and be able to fix them. 

Put the Bottle down 

There are an endless amount of reasons why you should stop drinking alcohol. The most important part of quitting is being able to recognize the problem and how alcohol affects you. 

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