From New York to Oregon, Marijuana has become legal in 33 states for medical purposes.

And yet, many Americans still don’t have a clue why or when a doctor may prescribe them marijuana. 

There is a growing understanding of the conditions and illnesses which can be treated with marijuana. We listed the top reasons your doctor may prescribe you marijuana. Let’s go!

1. Reduce Pain 

The most common reason why your doctor may prescribe marijuana is due to pain. You could experience pain for a wide range of reasons.

You may merely suffer from regular and persistent headaches, or you could even have a serious disease, such as cancer.

Marijuana has been repeatedly shown to reduce pain among users. Learn more about marijuana use for medical problems. 

2. Muscle Spasms

You could experience muscle spasms regularly. This could be caused by several conditions from dehydration to overexercising. However, it could be caused by something more serious, such as multiple sclerosis.

Even though medical marijuana use won’t solve any underlying conditions, it could help to ease the muscle spasms. 

3. Nausea

Nausea or chronic sickness can be caused by a range of long-term illnesses, such as cancer. Moreover, the treatment for cancer, chemotherapy can also cause you to develop nausea. 

Medical marijuana cannot treat the condition itself. However, it can make nausea more tolerable for many patients.

And yet, in some cases, marijuana use can make nausea even worse. Therefore, your doctor may be reluctant to prescribe you medical marijuana without a diagnosis.

4. Significant Weight Loss 

We often hear about how many people are overweight and obese.

However, it’s important to remember that some people suffer from the opposite infliction – poor appetite and being chronically underweight. 

Marijuana can help to cure poor appetite in people who are suffering from a chronic illness, such as HIV. It has been shown that marijuana use alters the brain’s approach to appetite. 

5. Ease the Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease 

There are up to 3 million Americans who have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Crohn’s Disease is described as a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The condition is considered to be related to the immune system. However, medical professionals don’t know exactly what causes it.

Studies claim that marijuana can ease symptoms, especially inflammation. But, you should also be aware that you may also experience side-effects, such as drowsiness and mild nausea. 

6. Seizure Disorders

Medical marijuana has most recently been linked with helping young children control seizure disorders. This is especially the case with the condition of epilepsy, which largely affects children. 

Since people who experience regular seizures have used marijuana or CBD oil, they have seen a significant reduction in the frequency and intensity of seizures.  

Does Your Doctor Prescribe Marijuana for You?

There are many health benefits of marijuana. Your doctor may prescribe marijuana for you for a wide variety of reasons.

Have you had an experience you would like to share? Please tell us in the comments below about how medical marijuana helped you with your health condition.