Your mechanic inside you might wake up sometimes, and before you think any further, your inner instinct pushes you towards to hold every tool around, and you end up messing it up more. So, it’s always suggested to have a professional hand to help you with and fix the issue faster and better. Especially when it is sensitive issues like Aircon services for Air conditioners and Refrigerators. But how do you find a good one from your neighborhood? It gets confusing to choose hundreds of options from the internet and time taking. Then what should you do? SGHomeNeeds offers a list of aircon services for homeowners in Singapore that are nothing but the best. Is it something you’re looking for? Then read through the article to know more details:

At SGHomeNeeds, you can find the list of best aircon service providers that are well experienced, licensed, and personally tested and reviewed by us. It was a luxury to have an air conditioner at home in the olden days, but it is more than a necessity with the increase in global temperature. And electronic gadgets come with their own downsides leading to repairs and require high-attention over time. Then you need to find someone who can find the exact issue and provide quality services to resolve it. Let’s see what makes our list of aircon service providers different from the others:

Customer Delight:

Customer satisfaction is always our first priority. We provide the file that can enlighten the experience with their work. We continuously take reviews once the work is done and make sure to take it to the service provider to continue to work best on good reviews and to get better on bad reviews.

Licensed partners:

Every partner from our list has an approved license from the govt. Having a license means getting certified from the authorities that states the service provider is eligible to serve commercially and follows all the required measures.


When you reach out to one of the aircon services from the list, they personally visit your place, check the issue and give you a proper consultation on what has to be done to repair it and what all the safety measures you need to take post repair.


There’s no need to feel that only the expensive services are excellent. We have a huge list of talented and experienced professionals who can provide their services within a minimal budget.

Types of Aircon services:

Every aircon system has a different requirement, and the technique to repair varies. Only the professionals who are acquainted with all the specifications of parts, issues, and how the system works can only fulfill their needs and make it running again. Our service partners can provide all the below services:

  • Aircon Servicing: Whatever the excellent brand you have, the electronics require time to time servicing to be under well-maintained conditions, be clean and safe. This itself can reduce many of the upcoming issues and makes it long-lasting.
  • Aircon Repair: AOur partners can fix all kinds of aircon issues and gives you the service warranty so that you don’t have to pay again if the problem occurs still.
  • Aircon Wash: To safeguard from bacterias, lousy odor, dirt, a chemical wash is necessary once in a while. This removed all traces of dirt internally and externally.
  • Aircon Gas filling: The cooling capacity of the aircon depends on the gas, and after a long summer and colossal usage, it might be over and requires refilling to enhance the cooling again.
  • Aircon Testing: Sure, the repairs, maintenance, cleaning services are done. What’s next? And sometimes, a replacement can affect the other parts of the device. It’s essential to check if the issue is permanently gone of hidden temporarily. All our workers make sure to test thoroughly once the repair is done to give you assurance.

Residential or commercial, aircon service is one of the musts these days, and finding a reliable partner to do the job is tough. However, we’ve done all the research required and took care of the initial phase. You’ve reviews, number of tasks done before, services they provide, the background of their company, and everything you need to know before shortlisting a service. Now browse through our list and find the perfect one.