Did you know that the newest BBC logo cost $1.8 million dollars? Think about Nike, Twitter, FedEx, and a hundred other companies whose logos you see on a daily basis.

Logos and company designs are essential to a business, both in the real world and on the internet. Did you know that it’s estimated that almost 2 billion people will buy at least one thing online this year? Over half the world’s population uses the internet.

Advertising is everything. Having the right graphic designer to execute your objective can make or break your campaign. Outsourcing a graphic designer can save you lots of money, but it’s important that you hire the right one. 

Check out these eight tips for hiring an outsourced graphic designer.

1. Make Sure You Know What Skills You’re Looking For

Many people don’t understand the elements and different jobs that go into, say, building a website.

A graphic designer isn’t the same as a web developer, who isn’t the same as a UI designer. And none of them are the same as an art director. 

If you need a website built, for example, and you don’t have programmers at your business, you’ll have to outsource both a graphic designer and a coder, or a company that does it all.

If it’s advertising that you need, a graphic designer should do the trick. But when you’re hiring a graphic designer, you have to make sure that you know what kind of designer you need. Do you need a brochure with realistic illustrations of people? Do you need a new logo, menus, and a website for your new restaurant?

For the former, you might want a designer who’s also an illustrator. For the latter, you want someone who has experience designing for both print and the web.

2. Ask for Their Opinion

When you’re graphic design outsourcing and talking to different designers, ask for their opinion on something. For example, choose a website and ask them if they’d change anything, and if so, what. 

If it’s your business website that you need to change, ask them to point out 3 changes they will make. Doing so, you’ll be able to get a sense of their style and their ability to conceptualize.

3. Ask About Their Portfolio

Take a good look through the work that they’ve done. Ask them specific questions about pieces or jobs that speak to you. Ask them why they chose a certain project or why they chose to use a certain color scheme or photo.

Ask them what they love to do most or where they think they are most skilled.

4. Do a Video Chat

Once you’ve has a preliminary chat on the phone and checked out their work and credentials, request a short video chat.

You’ll get a sense of your candidate and be able to pick up on their style of expression and how they think things through. It’s a great way to make sure that you vibe well and it will set the tone for working together in the future.

5. Make Sure They Understand Your Brand and Target Audience

Make sure they understand the history of your business, the day to day, and your concept or product. Talk about where you’d like to go and what their role is to help you get there.

Make sure they know who you’re trying to target and the style of voice that you want to use to get there.

6. Ask About Their Interests and Learn the Lingo

Ask them to show you or tell you about the work that they love. Ask them to send you a few different websites they’re thinking of using for reference for your new one, or even examples of work they respect.

Ask them what they think will be the right approach or style for your company. At the same time, ask your candidates who or what they gain inspiration from. Is it gothic architecture? Is it film or photography? Is it other designers?

Check out this blog if you want to learn some new lingo. Knowing a few words and terms will enable you to better talk shop with your designer.

7. Find out What They Expect from You

When you’re going through the process of hiring a graphic designer, ask what they’ll expect from you during the design process. Do they need more information about your business? Do they want you to give them more guidance about what you’re picturing?

Ask your designer how long they need to complete the project and set up deadlines together and times that you’ll check-in. Discuss how you’ll continue to communicate throughout the project.

8. Talk About the Money and Make a Contract

Before asking a candidate how much they charge, do your research. Most graphic designers work for various amounts, depending on the project and the person or business who hires them.

Ask around and look online to see what designers typically get paid for a particular project. Figure out your budget and make sure you allocate some towards potential changes.

Determine and outline how much you’ll pay and when. Put as much as you can into a contract, including payment terms, deadlines, and job requirements.

Outsourcing a Graphic Designer Is a Great Idea

Outsourcing a graphic designer, rather than hiring someone full time, can save you a lot of money. Plus, you are more likely to find someone who specializes in what you need to be done.

If you work well together and are happy with their work, you can hire them again down the road! If not, you have a chance to try working with someone new.

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