It is no surprise that Toronto, the largest city of Canada, has some of the best companies to work for in 2020. Many companies in the city offer job opportunities, making it easy to find a job. However, it’s imperative to research a company before working for it.

While most companies offer jobs in Toronto, they have different employment terms. When looking for a job, you should consider several factors, including work hours, the proximity of the workplace to your home, employee treatment, and reputation of the company.

In this article, we explore some of the best companies to work for when in Toronto. They are best in terms of employee benefits and treatment, work-life balance, and job security.

1.    Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Royal Bank of Canada’s physical workplace is perfect. More than 70 per cent of its major offices are green-certified, providing a conducive working environment. The bank offers tuition subsidies to employees to study courses related to their roles in the company.

Royal Bank of Canada helps its workers to save for the future by providing affordable savings plan. Besides, it offers a vast range of financial benefits to employees, including signing bonuses, referral bonusesa (up to CA$5,000), and share purchase plans.

2.    Microsoft Company

Microsoft is rated best in terms of employee satisfaction not only in Toronto but also in many other countries around the world. Many tech companies in Toronto compete for top employees, including Microsoft, rendering it one of the best places to secure a job.

While most tech companies claim to offer the best employee treatment, Microsoft is still the best. Therefore, it is no surprise to see employees in Microsoft Toronto getting treated well. The company guarantees amazing benefits packages to its workers, including health plans, paternal or parental leave out support, and financial rewards.

3.    Trust-Dominion (TD) Bank Group

If you’re an accountant or a financial strategist, TD Bank is the best company to work for in Toronto. It offers numerous financial benefits to workers, depending on the employee position. They include share purchase plans, signing bonuses, and year-end bonuses.

What’s unique about TD Bank Group is that it pays 100 per cent salary to employees on parental or maternal leave out for 12 weeks. The bank recognizes and rewards all workers with exceptional performance. Besides, it guarantees vacation entitlements to employees based on their work experience.

4.    Knowledge First Financial (KFF) Inc.

Knowledge First Financial is a Canada-based company that offers Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) to Canadian parents to help them save money for their kids’ post-secondary education. It’s the largest RESP Company in entire Canada with around 100-250 employees in the country.

When working in Knowledge First Financial Company, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits like subsidized professional accreditation, health benefit plans for new workers, flexible work hours, and a three-weeks paid vacation after one year of duty. You can read the Glassdoor knowledge first financial reviews to learn more about the company.

5.    Shopify Inc.

Like other tech companies in Toronto, Shopify Inc. is also a committed company that offers the best employee experience to its workers. It boasts a conducive working environment that does not discriminate employees based on their background and gender. That makes it an ideal company to work for in the multicultural city of Toronto.

Shopify work environment and culture is inspiring and motivating, enabling employees to adapt quickly. The company provides numerous perks to workers, including health and financial benefits plans. It guarantees 85 per cent salary for new moms on maternity leave out for up to 34 weeks.

6.    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

CIBC provides an exceptional work atmosphere that motivates employees to deliver their best. Besides encouraging workers to save for their future, the company also offer health benefits plans to retiring employees and great financial perks to all employees.

Some of the financial perks you’ll find in CIBC as an employee include waived bank fees, preferred rates on financial products, and interest-free loans for computer and accessory purchases for up to CA$5,000. However, some financial benefits vary by position.

Final Words

Since many companies operate in Toronto, finding a job is no longer difficult. But as you search for employment, you need to consider how each company treats their workers to make sure they are reputable. Choose to work in a company that will suit your interests as well as needs, and that offers additional benefits to employees.