Colored pencils are less messy and can help you create some of the outstanding artistic approaches. Whether you are using it for creating some basic drawings or for some amazing shades in multiple variations, you can do it once you follow the instructions. There are some basic techniques of colored pencils used for creating foundation of any amazing masterpiece. The art that you will create will be just amazing, depending on the richness of colored pencils. So, be very specific about the company and brand, whose colored pencils you are aiming for.

  • Focusing on hatching:

Hatching primarily involves drawing series of some parallel lines, which will go in same direction. These lines can be drawn closer or far apart or in any kind of variation as you want it. The pencil will be lifted from the paper after drawing each line and will be placed down for creating another new one.

  • Back and forth stroke:

Of all the colored pencil techniques you might have opted for, the back and forth stroke is the most common one. You can get the pencils from Primsacolour for that amazing and delightful result in formation of strokes. It is probably that way in which you used to play with crayons as a child. Here, you have to put pencil on paper and draw in a motion, which is continuously back and forth, without even lifting the pencil once. It is perfect for filling up various areas of drawing with solid color.

  • Stippling method of colored pencil usability:

Stippling helps in placing tiny little dots on paper. The dots can be added closely or even far apart. Each placement will help in creating a new picture of new kind! You can practice stippling by just drawing dots quite close together and even by drawing some which are set apart from one another. Moreover, you have to notice the different dots based on the sharpening of your pencil. It is perfect for adding that fun texture to any painting.

  • Cross hatching:

Cross hatching is a perfect work of drawing series of parallel lines and then drawing another series of parallel lines going in another direction on top of the first line sets. It is perfect for adding those amazing shades in drawing. You can easily create some of the most outstanding and interesting textures through this method of cross hatching.

  • Scumbling is the last one:

Well, another technique used while as a kid is scumbling. Yes, you have used it! The only difference is that you didn’t know the name. Scumbling mainly involves making some of the continuous forms of circular marks on paper, without even trying to lift the pencil. It is perfect for filling in some areas of colors in it.

These are primarily 5 basic ways to create strong marks with colored pencils. Once you have mastered these skills, you can use the techniques for laying colors over top of one another for that luminous rich depth to it. Each painter has its own preference with colored pencils. But before you make a choice, it is mandatory to head for the credits of the brand first and then make a handsome choice.