Kids’ rooms are often over-stimulating and overwhelming. A lot is going on! The bright colors, the toys, and the busy patterns can overwhelm kids who may be sensitive to visual stimulation. Rugs in your child’s room can help them feel more grounded and calm when they need it most – while playing or napping. They also serve as a protective floor covering for your kids’ feet! Kids’ rooms can be so much more than just a place to sleep. They are the perfect space for kids to play, create and learn. A way to make their bedrooms feel like home is by adding rugs! Rugs add color, texture, and personality to any room they’re in. On top of that, they provide insulation from cold floors on winter nights and help keep dust away from your child’s face when they play on the floor. That’s why we always recommend shopping for the dining room rugs is possible – it makes your kids happy too! 

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Go for a Colorful Rug

Kids love colors. They like places filled with blooms. That’s why a colorful rug is always the best choice. You can find so many different colors that it’ll be easy to match with any furniture and decoration of your child’s room. For example, you can choose light pink area rugs for girls or blue ones for boys if they love these particular colors in their bedroom. If not, there are plenty of other options. You can go for modern kids’ room rugs and choose something neutral like gray or white with some colorful accents to make the place look fresh but not too busy. Besides, Green, powder blue, and light yellow area rugs will look great with white furniture and decoration.

Choose an Anime Pattern

Anime patterns are the best choice if you want to make your kids’ room look bright and unique. There are plenty of different anime paintings fabrics used as area rugs in children’s rooms. These patterns usually have many colors, which makes the place feel less boring but not too busy or distracting for kids when they’re playing on their floor sometimes. They also make their place exciting and memorable for them when they grow up. These patterned rugs will strike that all-important balance between practical and adorable. They will create a place cozy and comfortable for your kids where they can play and relax. But, it will also add a bit of uniqueness to their place that other children in the neighborhood don’t have. Anime pattern rugs are usually designed with bright colors like blue, red, or pink, making them stand out among more traditional patterns like flower or geometric designs.

Paint the Walls with Bright Colors

Using bright colors on kid’s walls can make their room look fresh and unique, too. Try to avoid darker shades of reds, oranges, or yellows – these will be great if your kids are toddlers, but as soon as they get older, you’ll want to change the color. The color-filled room will become your child’s favorite, and you’ll have to deal with them wanting that room every time they want their privacy. Moreover, the rug’s color should coordinate but be different from the colors of your child’s bedding set. For example, if your child has a red comforter, choose a blue area rug or choose a multi-colored one instead. This will keep the whole room from looking too cluttered. The rug’s size is essential as well, and it must not be smaller than one-third of your child’s bedroom or bigger than their bed. In addition to coordinating with the colors of your child’s other furniture pieces, you’ll want a rug that fits in nicely with its surroundings.

Add Fun and Unique Furniture

If your kids have a small bedroom, you can still make the place look and feel more significant by adding fun furniture that they will love but won’t take up too much space in their room. For example, for girls into unicorns or mermaids, you can get them a small shelf or table with these themes to put their books and other items in. If your child is into robots or airplanes instead, then go for something similar but with one of those themes on it as well. Layer the floor with a fun color rug like Green , and the room will look like it is a lot larger than what it is. Rugs are also incredible for hiding stains on your flooring, so if you have children who are still learning how to take care of their rooms properly, this can be very helpful as well. If they spill something on the rugs instead of the floor, then you can take up the rugs and clean them off instead of having to scrub stains out from the carpet.

Bring in a Playmate

Kids love playing inside their rooms, and they often want to invite a friend over. A playmate will make activities a lot more fun and help to get rid of boredom. With rugs, though, you can also increase the safety for your kids when having friends over because they can take them into their rooms and have playtime without worrying about whether or not there will be any spills that ruin furniture or carpeting.

Create a Book Reading Corner

Do you love to read? Do your children love to read? If so, why not create a special space to enjoy their favorite books without being distracted by other things. Place a fun pattern rug and some shaggy pattern cushions and pillows that are comfortable enough for kids to lounge in and read. If Possible, place a small bookshelf near it to place their favorite books on.

Create a Doodle Art Wall

Explore the hidden artist inside of your kids by creating a doodle art wall. Use chalk and let them go to town on the walls with all sorts of things from flowers, stars, hearts, or whatever they want! Let their imagination run wild and watch as they create something that will make everyone smile when viewing it.

Create a Fun Game Area

Do you have a young toddler? Create an area for them to play with toys and blocks that is fun. Rugs are the perfect place to build on top of, crawl around in, and lay on, etc. if you have room – set up a tent so they can be active as well!

In the End

 If you want to add some color and style to your kids’ room, a colorful rug is a perfect way to do it. So if you are looking for an easy way to brighten up their space without spending much time or money on projects, give RugKnots a call today! We offer red rugs in all shapes and sizes, so even if you have limited floor space available, we can help find the perfect fit for your family’s home.