The arrival of a baby is a joyous occasion and fills parents with enthusiasm. As much as it is an exciting milestone, pregnancy takes a toll on mothers’ mental and emotional health. Throwing a baby shower a few days before the big day, add to the happiness of the parents, and helps in relieving stress. It is an opportunity to make the soon-to-be-mommy feel special and let her enjoy being the center of attention. A baby shower is an occasion when loved ones come together to celebrate and shower expectant parents with love, wishes, and gifts before birth.  

Choosing a gift to celebrate the impending birth of a new baby can be a daunting task, and anyone can get overwhelmed with millions of options available in the market. We know that everyone wants to give a unique yet practical gift to expecting parents, but get overwhelmed by the array of choices. 

Here we are listing down some exceptional baby shower gift ideas that soon-to-be parents will appreciate:

1. A Getaway

When a baby is due, expectant parents are over the moon but at the same time also stressed out about the new roles they will have to play. A relaxing getaway from the grind of daily life has impressive effects on physical, mental, and emotional health.  A trip to expectant parents’ favorite destination would be an ideal gift and one that they would cherish for their whole lives. Booking a table in their favorite restaurant and organizing a date for them will give them a chance to spend some quality time together. Another option is to arrange a spa day so that they can escape from the mundane routine and get pampered. Providing them with an opportunity to spend some time as a couple will show that you care about them and will be an outstanding gift.

 2. Nursing Baskets

Nursing items are the things that parents need immediately after birth.  A nursing basket having all the essentials like milk bottles, milk containers, towels, burp cloths, small water bottles for mother is a perfect baby shower gift. If you know that parents have decided to breastfeed their child, you can also add breast pads in it. This basket will be one practical gift that they will treasure. 

Additionally, you can plan a visit to the baby expo in Melbourne with your friend, who is going to be a mom soon. The baby expo provides an opportunity to explore new things related to baby’s nursery and baby feeding items. You can let your expected friend choose her baby shower gift.

3. Baby Monitor

New parents want to spend every moment with their child, but let’s face it, it is not doable. Parents may have to stay apart from their kids for some time, but that does not mean they should leave the baby without keeping an eye. The baby monitor serves as a savior in these situations. Parents may not be in the same room, but they keep their eyes on the baby while being away. Expecting parents will not stop thanking you for giving them this fantastic present.

4. Baby Car Seat

Car seats should be essential when anyone takes a baby on a car ride. But people generally do not deem it necessary and often do not spend money on it. Soon-to- be parents would be gratified with this gift as it shows that you care for the wellbeing of their upcoming child. 

5. Photograph Shoot

Photographs of a newborn baby are memories that people cherish throughout their life. So professional photographers do not just take pictures; they help you in preserving memories.  A sponsored photograph shoot for the baby is an excellent gift that parents and the kid will admire forever. 

6. Baby Carrier

Expecting parents appreciate practical gifts and a baby carrier is one that gives parents flexibility and freedom to some extent. Generally, babies enjoy playing on a carrier and do not mind spending time in it. Carriers are also easy to carry when parents are on the move. 

7. Memory Book

Jotting down every little detail has its charm. Parents want to record every milestone of their child, and gifting soon-to-be parents a journal to fill with the memories of their upcoming baby is a great choice. 


Babyshower is a happy occasion foremost for the expectant parents, and gifts enhance their happiness. Unique gifts that reflect your personality and convey that you care for them are an ideal way of showing love. Soon-to-be parents have their hands already full, and when their loved ones pamper them with gifts, they naturally feel ecstatic.