Kalispell, Montana’s seventh-largest city, is home to approximately twenty-five thousand people, about fifty percent of which are married. But while the city is not among the top Montana places with the most divorces, it still ranks among the top thirty, with a divorce rate of 6.0%. 

Invariably, divorce lawyers Kalispell Mt., are in high demand as they can help residents avoid a messy separation. They have incredible expertise and in-depth knowledge of handling each different situation.

Here’s why residents of Kalispell, going through a challenging divorce, can benefit by hiring an attorney for their legal matters.

Expertise in State Laws

With a divorce rate of three-per-thousand in Montana, it is safe to say that local lawyers have unparalleled experience in such cases. They have unmatched insight into state custody laws, maintenance agreements, child support, and more. Also, they know things about divorce that ordinary folks are unaware of.

For instance, legal separation and divorce are two different things that need to be dealt with differently in Montana. So, even though couples separate and begin to live apart, they are still legally married. An expert lawyer can help draft the nuanced legal procedures to ask the court for a dissolution of marriage for their client.

In many divorce cases, Kalispell attorneys can help negotiate a just settlement, helping their clients avoid going to trial. 


Besides unbeatable expertise in Montana marital laws, another significant reason to hire a local divorce lawyer is that they offer services at reasonable rates. Many reliable lawyers will draft detailed paperwork for your case with no assistance in surprisingly less time, at an average filing fee of $170. You have the option to talk at length with the lawyers and decide if you wish to hire them just for the paperwork or to handle the entire case.

Moreover, some divorce lawyers in Kalispell, Mt., clearly state their charges even before taking your case. This way, you can closely look at the exact costs and what they are for, without having to face unpleasant hidden charges later on.

Therefore, your divorce can be sorted within an average of a hundred and ten days in Montana for the least possible amount. This will include a court fee of $200.

Effective Custody Agreement and Assets Division

Post-divorce property division is not that simple in Montana. The state laws recognize that homemakers and those who work outside the home contribute equally to the property acquired and owned during their marriage. Upon a divorce, the property is typically divided equally among both spouses.

However, most Kalispell residents may not know that an equitable property distribution in the event of a divorce is not necessarily fifty-fifty. The court considers several critical factors such as the length of the union, age of the spouses, their ability to acquire future property, and so on. Furthermore, the court does not consider marital misconduct when dividing the property among the spouses involved.

Similarly, the court grants child custody and support with the “best interests” of the children and the income of both parents in mind.

A Kalispell divorce lawyer can effectively help with all these issues, ensuring your rights are protected, your child (or children) well taken care of, and the property distributed justly. They also help with the legal process of mediation, wherein both can find some common ground to set aside their differences.