It does not matter what age or stage your employees are at, they need to know that training is necessary to ensure that they are not being treated poorly by others and not treating others poorly and disrespectfully. The life you are living is far too short to understand and people are unable to know what the new rules of engagement are. People need to be mindful of exactly what the rules and lessons are because people are not smart about what decisions they tend to make at work, especially if they come from a previous generation in which it was difficult to know what was coming next, especially from a man who is not able to recognize what he is doing wrong because he has convinced himself that he is exactly where he needs to be no matter the situation.

The entitlement of older generations is no joke, and it can be really frustrating to deal with them if they are not willing to learn more from the decisions that have been made recently and to learn more from the mistakes of the past. People often feel like they are entitled to continue to behave the way they always behaved and they do not know if the work they are doing is correct and ideally exactly what needs to be taking place. People tend to look at the past with a rose-colored glass and they are unable to know when they made the wrong decisions in the grand scheme of things, so they tend to be stupid about the concept of learning and growing and becoming better people when they could simply just be mindful and loving to each other. People need that sexual harassment training to better themselves significantly.

Treating People How You Want to Be Treated

Is your life ready for a new change? If so, you need to be sensible about the new concept of where the world is going, especially in the me-too movement post haze and glow that we are all living in, hoping that things are going to change for the better regarding the way women are treated by others. People tend to ignore the immediate and obvious rules of treating people the way they want to be treated, especially when it is happening across gender lines because of the stereotypes that people have for one another as workers, especially workers who are wearing clothing they might find attractive. The reality is, a woman wearing sexy clothes is not an immediate opening for you as a man to suddenly feel entitled to touch her or care about what she has on as though it matters in any significant way when you ought to simply be focused on your work.

The work you are doing can be so much better if everyone in your office simply feels safe enough to be there and is not worried about how they will be treated from moment to moment and day to day. That energy is not necessary because there are always going to be chances to learn more online, but mitigating that behavior is about recognizing that people around you simply want to feel safe enough to work at their highest ability. If people want the best of the best out of life they have to be certain to love one another in service of making life better for everyone around them, and so as a result people ought to be mindful that harassing people is very past tense and not necessary to prove their masculinity or anything of the sort, so getting better is about getting nicer and getting less creepy.

Treat People Well And Think Of Others Feelings

I was recently sexually harassed at my stepmothers’ funeral repast by an elderly man who was not much younger than my father and felt it appropriate to tell me that he would ask my father and my uncle for permission to engage me in sexual advances. I was horrified and disgusted and I reminded myself that I was worth so much more than that, so I generally avoided getting involved with them and their foolishness by sidestepping the experience. The problem with that is that this man does not really understand just how terrible his antics ( were because he was too drunk to care about anyone but himself. People like him make bad decisions all the time and are probably never called out on those decisions because they are so accustomed to poor behavior that has been normalized over the course of many years. Instead, we can just focus on being better people and being kinder to one another. Take it like a man and learn how to treat women better!