Attorneys always seem to busy to think about marketing or overlook it. Sometimes you will see an ad on TV for a local law firm, but without a real marketing strategy, a law firm can have trouble finding new clients.

Standing out among your competition is more complicated than ever. Potential clients can search the web and make a decision quickly, or ask for recommendations on social media to help them decide. 

A legal practice must be socially savvy and execute a marketing plan that will draw people into their website and then become clients. Here are some digital marketing tips to help you convert people that need your services into people that hire you.

1. Use SEO Best Practices on Your Site

Find your webmaster and ask if they use keyword research and authoritative links in your content. If they do not, spend the money on someone to help. You can also use plugins to help you optimize your pages.

2. Design Your Site Structure for Search Engines

Each area of your practice should have a separate page. For instance, if you’re a car accident attorney but you also handle dog bites, construction accidents, or slip-and-fall cases, each one of those should have a page. Search engines categorize your site, so the better organized it is, the more easily clients will find you.

3. Use Consistent Branding Across All Outlets

Your homepage should look professional and communicate your business’s personality. Your logo should look sharp and clean, and be on every page. That look should be consistent within your social media pages, email signatures, and any other marketing materials your company uses to attract new business.

4. Supply Quality Content to Your Site Visitors

Quality information is the most essential component of your online presence. Try to engage your potential visitors on your site and your social media pages. Start conversations and respond to any user’s questions and messages.

5. Get Good Reviews

Through social media, your website and your Google My Business page, let people tell everyone how great your business is. Real reviews are the next best way to shine on search engine pages.

Use These Digital Marketing Tips

Never forget that your potential clients want what you are offering. The process of getting to the top of a search page requires patience and consistency. You can read all of these tips, but if you don’t use them, you will stay in the same boat.

The beauty of these methods is that they cost little or nothing to implement. They only cost the time and attention to get them done correctly.

Your business is up against competitors that are using these same digital marketing tips that they have learned the same way you have. Everyone can search for articles on anything they want to learn; the key is to follow the instructions to get the best results.