It doesn’t matter how excellent your facility and team area are; if you don’t make enough noise on social media and through word of mouth, your number of patients won’t grow, and no one will be able to experience what you have to offer. This is especially true in a year like 2022, when most businesses are already learning how to maximize the internet and social media to get the word out about what they have to offer. Your competitors are no different.

If you have some goals you want to reach for your facility this year, you need to bolster your marketing and promotional efforts. Here are some ways you can start.

Explore search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process through which your facility’s website can increase its visibility online, especially when prospective patients or their families try to search for services that are related to your brand. Imagine this: A would-be patient within your immediate radius searches for the keyword “care facility,” and the first link they will be provided is a link to your website. Wouldn’t that significantly increase the chances of them choosing your facility over your competitors?

This year, consider partnering with marketing firms specializing in your specific industry. This is because nursing homes SEO services, for example, are completely different from retail SEO services. When you enlist the help of marketing specialists who know the ins and outs of your industry, what your target demographic is looking for, and the types of content that engage them, you significantly increase your chances of reaching your goals. They know how to optimize specific tools to improve your engagement and boost your return on investment (ROI), so think of it as an incredibly worthy investment.

Modernize your website

Another way to boost your marketing and promotional efforts this year is to modernize and upgrade your website. It doesn’t matter if your target demographic is seniors or the elderly. You will still benefit greatly from having a sleek and well-designed website because their younger family members may be turned off by a website that looks like it was developed in the mid-2000s. Moreover, a study found that when a user views a website, it takes them less than two-tenths of a second to build a first impression. This is according to an eye-tracking study conducted at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. If you want to create a solid first impression on your potential patients and their families, then you need to ensure that your website is more than up to scratch; it needs to be excellent.

Here are the marks of a well-designed and properly functioning website:

  • It needs to include information on what your brand has in store for the patients, not full of self-praise. Instead of focusing on how great the brand is, focus on the type of value you will add to the viewer if they choose your facility over your competitors.
  • A clear visual identity will help set you apart from other similar businesses. Make sure your logo and taglines are clean and up-to-the-minute and choose a calming and serene color palette that instantly brings to mind the kind of relaxing environment your facility is.
  • Build a sense of credibility by incorporating some real-life stories from your patients and their family members. Find a patient who’s willing enough to share their experience with your facility. Also, family members are a great way to introduce more of your services because they have a unique perspective that your patients may not have.
  • Ensure all your contact information is provided and that all of those channels are working properly. There is nothing more frustrating for a prospective client than a phone number that’s no longer working or an email that never receives a response. If you have social media accounts, make sure to connect those as well.

Foster genuine connections with your patients and their families

No matter how much we advance in technology, we will never outgrow word-of-mouth marketing. If your facilities and services are genuinely good, then they will speak for themselves, and your patients and their families will speak on your behalf as well. Encourage them to share their experiences with others, or maybe on their personal social media accounts, to add credence to the excellence of your service and facilities.

Let 2022 be the year you level up your online marketing and promotions for your healthcare facility. Your future patients and team deserve to experience and see the growth of your brand-in every aspect imaginable.