Businesses can’t become successful without a large audience and a constant influx of new customers. That’s why big companies reserve a large portion of their budget for their marketing activities. In recent years, the whole marketing niche is slowly moving towards the digital sphere and most people think that traditional marketing methods are not as effective as they used to be. Even though it’s a must to have digital marketing covered, and organizations are reaching out to marketing companies in Tampa and all over the world to get their websites more visible, we decided to list the 5 most effective offline marketing tactics and determine how modern startups can benefit from their implementation as well. 

Promotional products

Dan Ariely and many other marketing experts continuously analyze the power of free things. They’ve determined that people would rather choose low-quality free candy than expensive candy at the discounted price of only one cent. You should give out your promotional merchandise for free, but also try to choose products that are durable and useful to your targeted audience. 

Retail displays

Although many people decide to shop online, supermarkets are still reasonably full. They are also ideal places for advertising because all products that are being promoted can be bought on the spot. So, if you’re running a production company, brand your retail displays, because a well-designed display can drastically increase your sales. Companies that sell their products in supermarkets and in other types of retail stores, should invest at least one part of their marketing budget in targeting their audience at their points of purchase.

Promotional events

Although we now have Single’s Day, Cyber Monday, and many other online shopping events, people still herd at retail stores around Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. Promotional events are very attractive to consumers because they help them to create nice memories and develop tighter relationships with their favorite brands. There are many different types of promotional events, including grand openings, sales, anniversaries, banquets, and parties and all of them can be easily integrated with a company’s social media marketing. Events are a great source of valuable content that can be shared on a company’s website and social media pages. This includes photos, videos, articles, testimonials, and interviews with event participants. 

Presentations on conferences and fairs

If you run a B2B operation, you should use conferences and fairs for meeting your clients and establishing a tighter relationship with them. Even fully computerized businesses need to use this form of offline advertising in order to attract new leads and prospects. If you take part in a fair or a trade show, enhance your presentation area with a well-design décor and give out free product samples. You can also hold product or service demonstrations, and organize expert lectures, poetry sessions, and short concerts. 

Coupons and Freebies

Extreme Couponing is a very popular show on TLC and if you’ve watched at least once, you’ve realized that people still use offline methods to get coupons and freebies. Although there are many websites that promote this type of advertising, you should continue to send your coupons to local newspapers and to hand them to your customers on the point of purchase. This way you’ll increase your customers’ loyalty and make sure that they’ll come back. 

Most of these offline tactics can be a great addition to your online marketing strategy. A photo of a well-designed point of sale or a video from your company’s anniversary party is a valuable type of content that can be used for increasing brand awareness and engaging your social media followers. There’s no marketing tactic that can reach every consumer you are trying to target and that’s why you need to use an integrated campaign that will include different types of advertising.