Ok Google, give me the names of top 5 apparel brands..

Did this sound familiar?

Voila!Get set for a seismic shift in the SEO game!

Are you listening folks? It’s none other than Google claiming that by 2020, as much as 50 per cent of total internet searches will be voice-based.So, it isn’t long before voice search optimizationchanges how SEO has been practised until now.

Terms like Alexa, Cortana,Sirioptimize contentand many more are going to be household names by as early as next year.So, yes, the time isn’t far away when your 5-year-old niece would be ordering her voice assistant to show the best toy store nearby!

Did the word ‘nearby’ strike you? Well, for people looking to optimize their content for local traffic, it will.

And, it takes up the better part of voice search marketing, the seismic shift that is about to occur! Its time you braced yourself to get through it. Or, take it this way. How about landing among the firsts to everoptimize their online presence with voice search parameters?

Any plans yet?If not, make one today! With the fast-changing trends, some of the best content writing agencies are already geared up to offer you content integrated with A to Z optimization for voice search. For many who go for early adoption, 2019 can prove to be the gamechanger.

Let’s see how voice searchoptimization will help you get the much-needed edge –

  • It will push your content up the narrowed-down searches.
  • You will have a greater chance ofreceiving clicks.
  • Most numbers of snippetsarebeing sourced from voice optimized content. Hence, your content will have a higher chance of being picked as a featured snippet.
  • Your visibility will improve.
  • With local optimizationbeing implemented at a larger scale than ever, your business will receive more local traffic.

It is just an extraction of much larger impacts that are going to follow after you initiate voice search content marketing for your business.

Read on to know how optimization for voice search will change the future of internet searches, and your business!

Getting the position zero

Until now all you might have focused on was getting rank 1 on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Did you know there’s a new ranking dream coming up? And that’s rank “0”.

Yes, it’s the space of featured snippets. So, if you ask Google, “Show me the 3best restaurants for dinner”, apart from all the organic results that show, a box will feature on the top that will have the exact result you were looking for.

Well, that is the features snippet, the rank “0” we were talking about. If your content gets featured in this box, the probability of a userclicking it open increaseshighly. In voice search optimization, featured snippets are not just a target to achieve but also a means to bring you growth.

The reason? They give out answers that are direct, concise and specific to the question right there.

And, it does this through the use of keywords, which are unlike any of those you have known till now. Let’s see the difference.

Use of keywords in voice search

Take an example. You need some high-quality content for your website. With technology at disposal, all you do is order your AI assistant -find me the best content marketing agency in India.

Well, in the world of optimization for voice search, Google will look for sites that have specific mention of the whole sentence.

Long story short, voice search will have precise sentences or questions as their keywords, all of which would be long-tail. So, you need to have content that has specific answers to these questions or statements.

Many of the top content writing companies are already geared up to fulfil your content requirements as per voice search optimization.With big companies across industries already implementing it, the future will be tough to compete in. So, instead of waiting, why not stay ahead of the game and hire professionals who optimize your content for voice search results?

Local optimization

Another trend that has picked up the pace and is transforming businesses is optimizationfor local searches. A study says when people opt for voice search they are mostly looking for local results. It is because they want instant solutions, which may range fromsimple nearby bookstoresearches to the more sophisticated speciality clinics.

Hence, local optimizationtakes up a significant part of voice search optimization.

Say, if someone needs gardening equipment in the next two days, all they would ask Google to show is the result forshops that sell gardening equipment in say, Kolkata. If your content does not contain the phrase “shops that sell gardening equipment in Kolkata”, you are out of the game. Brace up folks;you need to be content-ready to offer the exact solution your target audience might be looking for.

Yes, we know it’s like searching a million nautical miles for the fish whose existence you are not even sure of.

Unfortunately, that’s how it works.You don’t have an option to escape or avoid the scenario, because you need to go fishing in the same sea.

So, local optimization is necessary, and professional content writers are going to get your voice content marketing game on point!

Focus on micro-moments

Studies suggest customer queries are changing from all-inclusive solutions to answers for specific moments. These are termed as the ‘micro-moments’. Today, queries can be clearly defined by these instances in which the user might need to ‘do something’, ‘go somewhere’, ‘buy something’, ‘know something’ and the likes.

What your target audience expects from you will be defined by the intersection point of what they want to do and what you have to offer them.

Hence, your content would need to feature solutions to these intersections. Look out for content marketing companies that are ready to offer you tailored solutions with integrated voice search optimization.

What’s more? The right foot forward at the right time opens doors to all future opportunities that come with voice search optimized content.