Choosing an SEO firm for your business will have an impact on your pocket and your business. What will determine whether the impact on your business would be positive or not and if the impact on your pocket is worth it is the reliability of the firm? Hence, you have to be as deliberate and meticulous as possible when selecting an SEO firm. 

Whether you would experience an upgrade in the organic traffic you get on your site or whether your Google rankings will increase is based on if you choose a bad or good firm. Read this article to learn more about organic traffic. 

When optimization is done properly, it can help boost your sales and since you would be getting targeted organic traffic, your advertising budget can also be decreased. All these can be achieved while also boosting user experience. 

But how do you tell which firm is right and reliable and which is not? Below are some tips that would answer that question. If these tips are properly considered, you will definitely get the right firm for your business in no time. 

1. Avoid Firms That Talks about SEO Abstractly – It Is not Magic

Once the specialist starts speaking about SEO abstractly, you should be wary of them. Do not get deceived, optimizing a website so it can attract organic traffic is not rocket science, but it is not that easy either. Hence, there are a lot of misunderstandings about it; no one knows for sure how Google’s algorithms work. 

If the SEO specialist you are considering says they know all there is to know about Google’s algorithms and that they know some unique insight into it, they are probably lying. Also, be wary of people that exaggerate the intricacies of SEO and try to make it look more mysterious than it is. 

A good company will have a proper understanding of the workings of search engines, be attentive to details, and be aware of the current trends and changes in Google’s algorithms. 

Also, there are some SEO shortcuts like keyword stuffing, cloaking, and buying links. These shortcuts often end up doing the opposite of what you need the optimization to do, which is they would demote rather than promote the website. These shortcut techniques are known as Black Hat. You can visit to learn more about them.  

When Google’s bots find out that these tools are being used on your site, your site’s ranking will automatically be demoted, and this would negatively affect your organic traffic. When a specialist claims to understand all there is to Google algorithms, chances are they are practicing Black Hat. When these are used on your site, you would be the one to pay the price. 

2. Be Sure the Firm can Meet Your Goals

One pitfall you need to avoid as much as you can is hiring a company that offers an unclear goal like “boosting organic traffic”. 

To start with, organic traffics is of several kinds, and most times organic traffic can be increased yet revenue may not be. For example, let’s say you rank first on the search engine for female summer dresses whereas you have a men’s shoe business. Even though you are ranking well, it will not do anything for your business because you are ranking in the wrong niche. 

To ensure ambiguity is eliminated, ensure your team and you adequately outline the things your business needs to achieve with the SEO campaign. If you are trying to boost sales through ranking some particular keywords, state it. Or you need to reduce the bounce rate on your site and then increase the conversion rate. 

There are so many things that can be achieved with an SEO campaign so you want to be sure of what you need and that the firm you select will meet your needs and goals. You can check Oakland SEO to find out more on how to get an SEO firm that will adequately meet your goals. 

3. Ask People

While you can begin your search for an SEO company online, you also need to ask people around for some recommendations. You may want to simply go on Google and look for “best SEOs near me”. Trust us, the best specialists would be so busy working on people’s websites for them to work on theirs to make it rank among the top sites. 

Good firms would typically have past and current customers who would be ready to stick out more than an arm for them. So, what you want to do is ask people around you for recommendations. 

4. Find a Company with Suitable Metrics

At this point, we believe you have outlined your SEO campaign goals and you have used them to narrow down the companies you are considering. Now you need to consider the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are vital to your business and select the firm that you know would be suitable for these metrics. 

The following are some vital KIPs that you need to consider: 

Keyword Rankings

Consider the keywords you rank on. If you have used an SEO company before, check to see if your rankings have improved since then. 

Organic Sessions

This refers to the number of people that would visit the webpage from organic searches. This is usually seen as the most vital and basic KPI in search engine optimization. Beyond this, you may want to consider other things like bounce rate, unique visitors’ number, and so on. 

Conversion Rate

This refers to the percentage of people that visit the page and engage with the content on the page, buy the product, or do what you want them to do on the page. You can go here to learn more about conversion rates. 


Certain factors should be considered before you select an SEO firm for your company. In this article, we have discussed some tips that would help you in your selection process. You need to be as meticulous as possible so that you will not choose a company that would cause won’t help you realize your SEO goals in the end.