Every SEO specialist understands the importance of efficient keywords in the success of a website. Search Engine Optimization is all about taking a site at the top rank in the SERP. Search Engines appreciate the uniqueness of the content and give higher rank to the websites which are having unique material. Writing exclusive content is essential for getting a high level in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), but the content must cover significant keywords.

What is a keyword, and why is it essential for getting a top position in SERP?

Well, a Keyword is a search query that a person uses to find any information on the search engine. Search Engines like Google prefers the content having keywords. For instance, if you will search “Beautiful Cat” on Google, then the search engine will display the sites on top that have properly optimized this keyword in their content. Therefore, it is essential to have appropriate keywords on your website to get a good position in SERP.

The process of keeping an eye on your keyword position and comparing it with your competitors is critical. There are many tools available online that can assist you in finding the place of any keyword on the search engine. These online rank checkers are the best source for checking the position of your keyword efficiently. Many leading websites provide you with rank checker tools; these website keyword checker tools can be paid or unpaid. You can use any of the rank checker tools according to your requirements. 

Top Online Rank Checker Tools :

Finding an efficient rank checker is a challenging task. All google keyword ranking tools have some pros and cons. The selection of a rank checker is entirely up to you; you can choose any online tool that can fulfill your requirements. The characteristics of some leading website’s rank checker tools are discussed below:

Searchenginereports.net  :

This website offers one of the best keyword rank checkers by https://searchenginereports.net/ for finding the position of your keywords on Google. This online tool offers many fantastic features to its users that make this tool more useful. This online tool provides you with two options to check your site’s position on Google. You can check the ranking of your website by adding a keyword or by inserting the URL on this tool.

In check by keyword option, you need to write a keyword, select a search engine, choose the device, and that’s all. This efficient tool will find the position of your keyword on that search engine in no time. This tool also allows you to upload a URL to check the ranking of a site on a search engine. Once you enter a URL on this tool, the main keywords of the top pages of that URL will be displayed on your screen with its position on SERP.

This brilliant tool also offers you the option of inserting competitors URL to conduct competitor analysis for similar keywords in a single search. You can download and share the report of the results generated by this online rank checker without any hassle. Additionally, there is no limit to using this tool for checking the position of your site on the search engine; you can use this rank checker as many times as you want without paying anything.

SmallSeoTools.com :

This website is famous for providing free tools that can help you to monitor your SEO performance. The rank checker tool is one of the tools that this site is offering to its users. You can check the ranking of your keywords quickly by using this tool. There is no restriction for you to make an account on the website to use this online rank checker. You can use this online tool from any part of the world. 

This tool supports all platforms such as Android, Mac, or Personal computers and works equally exquisite on all the web browsers, including Chrome, Bing, or Firefox. The most significant advantage of using this online tool is that you don’t have to pay a single penny to check the ranking of your keywords.    

SEOprofiler.com :

If you are looking for a site that can help you in improving your SEO, then this site is one of the most suitable options for you. The Google rank checker tool of this site provides you the keyword position results for all search engines. You can also analyze the performance of your keywords over time by using this online rank checker. However, this site mostly offers paid tools to the users. You are required to purchase a premium plan from this site to use these tools. 


The tools discussed above can help you in checking the position of your site on the search engine. These online tools are beneficial in checking the performance of your keywords on the search engines. So, use an efficient online rank checker and trace your position on SERP without any hesitation.