Instagram is the third largest social media after YouTube (Facebook is #1 social media). If you want to connect with billions of people at one platform then you must know how to use the new phenomenon of Instagram called IGTV. You can download Instagram TV app from google play store or App store. You can also access it from the original Instagram app. Create a channel on IGTV app when you click on the TV icon in the right corner of your screen.

Now you can post videos like you post Instagram stories. Click on the ‘+’ to select the video from your phone. Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags and link your video with your Instagram story, cross social platforms and your blog before you publish the video.

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How to use Instagram TV?


First of all, you must know IGTV is built for mobile only unlike YouTube. You can upload vertical and full-screen videos. You can access this app using your device that you use to take videos or pictures daily. IGTV is insanely simple to use, just click on the TV button at the right top and videos start playing automatically like old fashioned television. If you are using the standalone app of IGTV, it will start up the same way as it had in the original Instagram app.

When you open the app, you can choose any category (For You, Popular and Continue Watching or search for particular channels) to watch videos. It is very easy to navigate.  And when the video is playing you can swipe up to watch another video from popular or for you categories by putting a query in the search bar or go back to the main screen.

What can you do with IGTV?


Instagram launched this app with the vision that their user can now create longer videos which can become more popular and engaging content for their fan base. Unlike other Instagram assets like Instagram stories and Instagram Live, the user can upload from 15 sec to 60 minutes longer videos on IGTV.

For the creators who have verified accounts or large following base can upload 1-hour long video while other creators can upload up to 10-minute video. That’s a lot more time to inspire the audience to sell your idea or product.


Is IGTV like traditional Television?


IGTV has channels like regular TV but it is not a traditional TV. You could make your channel on Instagram TV that similar to traditional television as you can create up to 60-minute video and upload this video once a week, which can bring more Instagram followers. Either way, you can create 30 minutes TV inspired sitcoms, cooking show or quiz show, really.

The possibilities are endless. IGTV fans are comparing it with video sharing giant YouTube but it will take a lot of time to compete YouTube.  Although this feature is pretty new and appealing for most of the users but Instagram is not offering the ad campaign or monetization for it. But in future, users will get some incentives from their efforts.