Industrialization. Automation. Globalization. All three words changed and advanced society, including how we see and use technology. To effectively communicate and become a meaningful force in the job market, we must understand the importance of maintaining a credible and cutting-edge LinkedIn profile.

Seasoned job seekers have to compete with more candidates in almost every field. As Generation Z enters the workforce, they do so with a distinct advantage — most have been exposed to iPads and technical learning tools since primary school.

Yet, many baby boomers continue to stay in the job market past the retirement age. How does Gen Z hold onto the technical advantage when they have little professional experience? How does Generation X — the cohort that made start-ups the norm — and millennials, also tech-savvy, face that competition? By allowing a LinkedIn profile writing business to give their profile an industry facelift.

Overview of LinkedIn Functions

LinkedIn started as a networking site, but it has become much more. LinkedIn remains one of the best professional development sites, with companies posting 14 million openings in 2019. People all over the world use it to:

  • research companies
  • promote businesses
  • post job openings
  • form connections
  • find inspiration
  • receive endorsements
  • showcase a business-oriented profile

You never know how or when a hiring manager or influencer may stumble upon your LinkedIn profile. Make sure it complements what you share elsewhere. For certain professions like artists or graphic designers, they may share their latest creations in a post. While that could gain the attention of a company, having an up-to-date and SEO-optimized profile remains the best way to stand out.

If you struggle with writing or how to present yourself through social media, find a LinkedIn writing service — right from the site — for cohesion. Make sure the chosen firm has access to information that you cannot access. An example includes how your profile stakes up against others.

Even if you work as a writer or editor, editing your professional history is harder than editing the work of others. While you may think you put down all the needed information, having a reliable LinkedIn coach helps you stay relevant. They train to find items you may have missed.

How LinkedIn Profile Writing Works

Most profile service companies also offer resume and cover letter writing. Some may offer coaching and mock interviews. A firm should match you with someone who understands your background. Many companies will bundle services, so you may choose a package and rate that works for you. To ensure you hire a reputable firm, do the following:

  • Review testimonials — read endorsements from others who used this type of service. Testimonials should help you quantify how helpful the firm has been to others.
  • Understand guarantees and promotions — check for 30-day or 60-day guarantees, promotions and the wording used. Reliable LinkedIn advisers use verbiage to indicate that you should receive a certain number of interviews or profile hits after using the service. If not, the guarantee comes into play. Your assigned specialist will typically redo the profile for free. However, always read the fine print before entering into an agreement.

Benefits of Using a Professional Service

Using a LinkedIn profile writer has additional benefits. When best LinkedIn Profile Writing Service optimizing your profile, the specialist should:

  • Have the ability to format and put keywords into an algorithm. Recruiters and software rely on these when scanning applications.
  • Make suggestions so your headline stands out.
  • Install your profile so it is ready to submit for open jobs or to the format of your choice.
  • Ensure your profile balances your resume and cover letter if part of the package.
  • Enhance your information with graphics, a professional head-shot or video clips when needed.

Using a LinkedIn Profile Service Long term

Hiring a LinkedIn profile writing service ensures your profile gets more views. The chosen firm can also stay on top of alerts and postings and set reminders to make your profile visible to recruiters. That setting expires every six months if you make no changes. You need to set a reminder, remain on the lookout for LinkedIn emails to notify you or let a professional handle this.

The six-month time frame also serves as a reminder to regroup with your career advisory. Make sure you and your coach understand what works and what needs updating. Then, review any changes and agree to them before they go live.

Your coach should also reassess your skills and see if any new skills — whether learned on the job or through certification — are relevant. Your profile writer should work these new skills to the top of your profile and get skills recommendations.

Other Considerations for Job Seekers

An active job seeker does not always have an advantage — even with an updated LinkedIn profile. The majority of new hires come from referrals and networking; companies rely on these methods to find qualified candidates. These candidates not only have the desired background but they align with company culture.

Passive job seekers and those not considering a job change until presented with one, still have advantages, despite the growth of social media and recruiting technologies.
This shows the following:

  • Job seekers have competition from people they cannot measure themselves against.
  • Competition to get a company to view a profile will never become static. Some companies do not post all their openings, but they still use LinkedIn to find talent. Even if you do not apply for a position through the site, 97% of hiring managers will look for you there.
  • Do you know the right SEO and industry jargon? Applicant tracking systems eliminate around 70% of applications right after receipt. Without help, your profile may not get to a live person because it cannot pass the automation test. Recruiting systems scan for keywords. Your profile, along with a resume, cover letter, and other applicable documents like writing samples, must have specific keywords.

Hire a LinkedIn Specialist to Increase Visibility

Around 30% of profiles stand a chance of getting past recruitment software. Make a wise — and tax-deductible — decision. Hire a LinkedIn professional writing service to make the most out of your profile, job prospects and network.

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