With the rise of social media and its ability to help connect people, it has become easier than ever for companies to find top talent. Not only is this a great way for startups to hire new employees but also allows them access to candidates that they wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise. In this post, we’ll be talking about how startups can use social recruitment as a strategy in their hiring process and why it’s important that you do so!

Create a Separate Account for Recruitment

One of the first things you should do when starting a social recruitment campaign is to create an account that will be for this specific purpose. This way your day-to-day business and personal accounts stay separate from each other and people can submit their information without feeling like it’s going into a black hole.

Post Regularly On Social Platforms

When using social recruitment, companies must post content at regular intervals in order to keep it current with what they are currently looking for within their company as well as giving potential employees the opportunity to learn more about them along with seeing what kind of work environment they have! In addition, by posting regularly businesses avoid flooding their newsfeed which could lead to applicants not wanting anything to do with them or thinking that there is something wrong with their company.

Be Personal With Employees & Applicants

One mistake that companies make when using social recruitment is to act as if they are the only ones who matter and forget about those applying for employment or simply following them on their accounts. When posting, be sure to say hello to individuals commenting on your posts so it feels like there’s a personal connection between you! Also, by doing this it allows potential employees to know that you’re actually listening which can really improve communication between both parties too! 

Build a Sense of Worth for Potential Employees by Sharing Your Values and Why It Matters To You as an Employer

When deciding how to acquire top talent for your startup through social recruitment, one thing that should always come first is your values as a company. By sharing what you value most and why it is important to the growth of your business, potential employees will learn more about who they are working for and how their work ethic can make or break them within this specific organization! In addition, by causing an emotional response from those scrolling through their feed, people may be inspired enough to reach out which could end up being beneficial in the long run depending on where that person stands with your startup!

Create a Helping Mindset for Potential Employees

In order to create a helping mindset when using social recruitment companies must offer assistance no matter if someone has applied for employment or not. Remember that everyone wants help at one point in time so whether it’s giving advice on how best to start a business or simply offering words of encouragement, people will feel as if they matter, and not only that but also may be compelled to reach out for help which can lead them applying because now they see your company in a different light.

Make It Easy For Potential Candidates to Upload CVs on Your Website’s Career Page

One thing that employers should not do when using social recruitment has a career page on their website and expect people to visit it in order for them to submit their CVs. Instead, companies need to make this process as easy and effective as possible by allowing potential employees the opportunity to upload their resumes without having to go through extensive steps which can lead individuals to feel frustrated along with never returning!

Be Open to Different Experiences & Identities of Potential Employees

Something else you must keep in mind when thinking about how to acquire top talent for your startup is being open-minded regardless of someone’s age or experience level. By doing this it shows those applying that they matter regardless of what they look like or where they come from because at the end of the day you’re looking for the skills they have to offer and not a specific look or age.

What Are You Waiting For? Try Using Social Recruitment Today! If your company is struggling with acquiring top talent then it may be time to give social recruitment a try today! By keeping these tips in mind, companies will show those scrolling through their feed that there are individuals here who care about them as well as how by using this strategy businesses can make potential applicants feel like they matter which could lead to growth within their startup’s workforce!