Artificial Intelligence has been changing the forefront of all marketing communication since its inception. No matter how novel or unique the strategy, artificial intelligence is sure to add a certain level of optimization in your business processes. Especially in the field of customer services, artificial intelligence is playing a great role if integrated correctly at optimizing your customer’s journey along different touchpoints.

In the field of customer service, a concept that is gaining popularity quickly is that of artificial intelligence powered chatbots also known as an AI chatbot. Not only do AI chatbots limit the amount of people you require in the field of customer service, they also allow you to stay in touch with your customers 24/7 and help them whenever they need your help. They also do greatly in solving problems and answering questions without much human intervention. AI chatbots are also great at dealing with multiple customers at the same time which is a difficult task for most individuals working in customer service.

The following are a few benefits associated with deploying AI chatbots for your customer service needs:

1. Chatbots held resolve customer issues instantly

By using data that is fed into them and by consulting source material, chatbots are able to answer and solve customer queries instantly, and faster than a human customer service rep. Since they can consult knowledge bases and have answers to frequently asked questions ready to send out at an instant, they reduce the time required to serve a customer and speed the entire process. They also unclog the customer service system by speeding up things.

Additionally, if your representatives are busy or not available in the office, an AI chatbot can be used as a backup to look after customer queries until customer service reps free themselves and make themselves available.

2. Chatbots can offer multilingual support

Chatbots are great if you are a global company and have to deal with customer queries from all over the world. This is because they can be multilingual and support conversations in multiple languages as opposed to a customer service rep who is an expert at max 2-3 languages.

Companies often have to hire translators and individuals who are experts in multiple languages to deal with a global customer base. Not only is this not efficient, it also requires a lot of investment from the company. An AI chatbot can give you the save services much more efficiently and slash your costs in the process as well.

3. Chatbots can learn and grow continuously

Unlike humans, AI chatbots are not limited in their knowledge. Infact, they can grow to learn and study new concepts and answers continuously and constantly. This helps improve their quality of customer service in the long run and allows room to shorten the customer response and query time even more.

Chatbots create a great user experience that remains stable and constant throughout a customer’s dealing with your chatbot. While human reps are likely to get frustrated with difficult customers, an AI chatbot would not do that and it would in fact cater its responses to deal with the customer in a better way.

4.Chatbots can handle multiple domains

Often customer service reps are limited to certain departments of their expertise. This is especially true for tech companies where reps specialize in a certain area and only help customers with queries in that particular field. For any other queries the customers are then forwarded to the relevant department.

However, AI chatbots are experienced in all departments and fields because of their ability to consult databases efficiently. One AI chatbot can deal with all types of queries simultaneously and resolve them in the most efficient way possible.