Summer has arrived, and with it comes vacation planning. For couples, instilling some romance into your summer getaway starts with choosing the right location. Some destinations are inherently romantic, such as Paris. Others might take a little work to be considered a romantic vacation, such as Disneyland. The good news is that romance is always an option when you’re traveling with the one you love—but if you want to make your upcoming vacation extra-romantic, you might want to consider these top ten destinations:

Napa Valley

Nothing compares to Napa Valley in the summertime, with countless vineyards and wine tasting options at your fingertips. Start the morning with an exclusive air balloon flight over the valley, and then head to the tasting room at “The Castle” in Sonoma. From bed and breakfast options to staying overnight in a glamping environment while African wildlife roams outside, Napa is guaranteed to up the romance factor.

The Maldives

The Maldives is one of the few locations in the world where you can stay in a private hut over the water, with your own personal access bridge to get there. Most packages in the Maldives are exclusive, and part of the charm is the relative lack of tourists. Breakfast can be delivered by boat, and relaxation is king here.

Tuscany, Italy

The hills of Tuscany were built for romance, and with the Castle of Love in the background, there’s no escaping the romance of this dreamy destination. You can tour and taste at vineyards, and check out the luxe suites in the centuries-old Villa Ricucci. Some of the best-known artists have their work on display in this magical town,where sunsets shed gorgeous rainbows over the hillsides, and the culinary delights are par none.

Kimberly, Australia

When you head to the land down under, there’s plenty of opportunities to make sure romance is a priority. This semi-rural area boasts all the beauty of Australian landscapes and the culinary options are fantastic, with plenty of original inspiration. Some of the available retreats in Kimberly are remote and wild in all the best ways. This coastal town boasts some resorts that are only accessible by boat or plane, so you and your companion will truly feel like the only people on Earth.

Hawaiian Islands

No matter which island you choose, you can’t go wrong when choosing Hawaii as your summer getaway. It’s already one of the most popular spots to honeymoon around the globe, and it’s no wonder why with the perfect beaches, countless waterfalls, and sunrise ceremonies on volcano tops. One of the most romantic choices on the island is Molokai, where you can stay in guesthouses designed for romance. Stargazing is a must in the evening, and the perfect way to relax after a day of diving or snorkeling.

Charleston, South Carolina

You’ll feel swept back to an earlier era in this charming southern town known for its cobblestone streets and carriage rides. Stay in the heart of the city where waterside dining options abound, and check out the Magnolia Plantation where the sweet aroma of romance is in the air. At Middleton Place, there are over 100 acres of trails to explore and gardens to discover. There’s also Angel Oak Tree, which is located on Johns Island and at 400 years old, it’s the ultimate destination for a picnic.


Does the excitement of a safari sound like your idyllic romantic getaway? Botswana in Southern Africa is quickly turning into one of the most popular destinations for couples thanks to their habit of hosting safaris in style. Nestle into your canvas tent featuring mid-century homages like Persian rugs and mahogany furniture. Luxury and relaxation are at the heart of these safaris, making it the ultimate choice for animal lovers—and lovers in general.

Paris, France

They say Paris is for lovers in the springtime, but don’t overlook the center of romance in the summer. France can still be a bit chilly in the springtime, but in the summer the weather is perfect for cruises on the Seine and enjoying the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower in the wee hours. Any romantic looking for the best way to spend summer holidays has to consider Paris. Plus, with easy access to every other romantic destination in Europe, Paris can also serve as your hub for a grand European getaway.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most popular (and romantic) stops if you book a cruise to the Mediterranean. Swing by the Greek Islands, Rome, Sicily, and more depending on the cruise you select. However, Istanbul is especially chosen for its lavish Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, and the Bosporuswaters connecting Europe to Asia.

Bora Bora

This French Polynesian paradise is known for its privacy, and it’s just a one-hour flight from Tahiti. The “Jewel of the South Seas” thrives in relative seclusion, so you’ll feel like you’re in your own private slice of paradise with over water bungalows. Like the Maldives, services can be provided via boat, including massages and other pampering pleasures.

As you plan your next escape, remember that location is just part of the equation. Who you bring and the activities you plan are all part of the secret to romance.