With the lockdown 2020 due to COVID19, it is sure most of us have got a lot of time to learn something new. But, are we really using it for our best?

The lockdown which has lasted for over months now has seen a revolution in terms of life and living across people. The new normal is WFH. For some, it is a boon and this has enhanced the personal time for people.

The best way to enjoy this lockdown time is to become creative. You should let the creative juices flow, such that you don’t get bogged down.

You must be wondering why creativity is important during these testing times.

Importance of creativity in becoming a positive person:

Creativity helps in thinking with an open mind. You can think in a broader manner if you are a creative person. As you let go of the intricacies of the previous thoughts, you become a more powerful person.

Being creative also makes a person happier. Why?

As we are no longer tied to previous thoughts, and our thought gains a helicopter view, it becomes easier for us to think through. We no longer hold on to previous grudges but our entire focus shifts to something which we enjoy doing.

This is how creativity instills positivity within a person.

Secondly, the happiness of seeing something complete is bliss. It takes a lot of effort to do something creative.

Starting from the scratch and building the entire chain of thoughts to engage all the required resources is the backbone of creativity.

After putting in such hard work, when you see the results to be positive, it is really engaging. It keeps you motivated and instills self-confidence within you.

This is why creativity is suggested during times of COVID19, when there is anxiousness all around.

Creative activities during lockdown that can boost your mental health

We have collated the 7 best proven activities that can redefine your mental health during the lockdown. Owing to the growing negativity around, it is always beneficial to grow certain creative hobbies that can help you to stay upbeat.

1. Painting mandala art:

Honestly, this has become the trend in 2020. Everywhere on the internet and social media, you can find mandala paintings. Owing to the simplicity, deep caricatures, and intricacies of the drawing, mandala art can be a real booster to confidence. Moreover, the art form is pleasing to the eyes and takes a lot of time. But, the results are highly satisfactory, which makes it the best art form to the practice. With the results, it can create a positive vibe, which gives you enough motivation to stay ahead.

2. Trying out potted gardening:

What is best than to have a balcony surrounded by potted plants. Having small trees with bulging flowers all around, in their small pots and cans is a real stress-buster. In 2020, when horizontal growth has reached its end, vertical farming should be the new norm.

3. Draw your own life vision:

This is the most important thing, to envision yourself in the future. Drawing a vision board might help you in taking the right steps for your potential future too. Look around for picture, draw some art of your ideal future, and get it posted somewhere, you can see it daily.

4. Photoshop old memories:

The old memoirs, which are now present in black and white, should be filled with colors. Learn Adobe Photoshop and splurge these pictures with color to fill them with life.

5. Let your fingers do the talking:

This doesn’t necessarily mean, flying the bird! Learn a new musical instrument like the piano, guitar, or sax. Enjoy the sounds of the strings and get connected with the pleasure of the symphonies.

6. Paint the old corner of your house:

Just don’t stop yourself from making the house more colorful. Now, when the time is right, it is important that you pick up a paintbrush and fill up the dark dungeon of your home with colors. Colors have a reverberating effect and they can brighten up the moods of people.

7.  Make paper art:

Paper art can be the coolest thing to do. We have been doing it since childhood, but it is time we revive some golden times. Paper arts help in creating wonderful creative art just with the help of some skills and expertise.

Why creative thoughts are important during lockdown?

With the lockdown taking a toll on mental health, it is thus very important to keep yourself engaged. Instead of just over-thinking, it is thus important that you let yourself flow into the aura of creativity.

This can enhance your living style as well as make sure you meet new people sharing similar interests. Making your life creative can help you meet new individuals with different visions and thought process.