Dirt, sand, grass, and mud — your golf clubs can get filthy on the golf course. You don’t have to clean them after every round, but we recommend you wash your golf clubs at least once a month. 

Yes, it makes them look pretty, but that isn’t the primary reason you should do it. Cleaning your golf clubs will actually make them perform better and help you shoot lower scores. The grooves on your golf clubs are designed to help you control the golf ball. They allow you to spin the ball and land it softly on the green. 

Do you know what prevents your grooves from working properly? 

Dirt, sand, and debris get stuck inside of them and you will lose control of your shots. Do you really want to lose to your golf buddies because of some dirt on your golf clubs? 

Let’s make sure that never happens. 

Before You Begin

Before you touch your golf clubs, you need to pull together the supplies you’ll need to do the job correctly. You need a small bucket or bowl, dish soap, a large golf towel, and club groove cleaner. 

Don’t have a groove cleaner? No problem, an old toothbrush will work perfectly. Please make sure it’s an old toothbrush and not your spouse’s! We can’t help you if you make that mistake.

How To Clean Your Golf Clubs: Step By Step

You have all of your supplies pulled together — it’s time to get started.

1. Create Your “Clean Room”

This can be in your garage, basement, or even on your back deck. We wouldn’t recommend you clean your golf clubs in your formal dining room. You do need a place to leave our golf clubs while they dry — we typically lean them up against a wall. 

2. Make Your “Golf Club Soap”

Put some lukewarm water in your bucket or bowl — you want enough to be able to fully submerge your clubheads. Add a few drops of dish soap and stir to combine. Place your bucket/bowl on the ground and go get your golf bag. 

3. Time To Scrub

Golf Bag

Place your large golf towel over your shoulder for easy access. Start with your shortest club (lob wedge or sand wedge) and go one club at a time. Dip the golf club in your soap/water and scrub with your brush. 

Pay special attention to the grooves on the faces of your clubs. Scrub, dip in your water, and repeat. You may need to use your towel to wipe off the face of your club in between dips. 

Once you’re confident you have removed all debris from the grooves, fully dry off the club head and lean that club up against the wall. Repeat these steps until you’ve washed all the irons in your bag.

The grooves on your hybrids, fairway woods, and driver are less deep and will be easier to clean. Typically, one dip in your water/soap and you can dry them off with your towel. You can wipe down your putter with your towel — it shouldn’t require much cleaning. 

4. Don’t Forget Your Grips

You aren’t quite done yet. The grips on your golf clubs get dirty as well and this can cause them to be slick. Golf is hard enough without your hands slipping during your swing. You don’t need to use your water/soap on the grips. Instead, use the golf towel that’s now slightly wet and give them a nice rub down.

5. Clean Out Your Golf Bag

Golf Bag

Your clubs are leaning up against the wall drying, so take this chance to clean out your golf bag. Throw out any trash from the pockets (snack wrappers or drink bottles). Check your inventory of golf balls, golf tees, and golf gloves. 

Do you have any unnecessary golf gear in your bag? Everything in your bag adds weight and you don’t want to be carrying more than you need to on a hot summer afternoon. Do you have a pullover in your apparel pocket? 

You probably won’t need that again until the fall, so take it out of your bag. Every time you clean your golf clubs you should assess the contents of your bag. 

Take Pride In Your Game & Your Equipment

Your golf clubs are an investment and you want to keep them performing well. Don’t let some dirt on the face of your 7-iron turn a birdie into a bogey. 

To play your best golf you need your swing to be dialed in and your clubs to be clean. 

The good news — it doesn’t take long to clean your golf clubs. With a little practice, you can get it done in 15-20 minutes. 

That’s a small time investment to play better golf. Good luck, play well, and enjoy your time on the golf course!