Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most important days of our lives. Almost everyone dreams of having a grand wedding in an exotic location. But then, we also wonder about the enormous price tag which comes with the “Grand Wedding”. While weddings are an expensive affair, wedding jewellery pieces account for at least 30% of the wedding expense. 

What if we shared five efficient tips that will help you save a lot on your wedding jewellery shopping? By doing so, you will also notice an overall cost-cutting from your wedding budget because, yes, that’s how expensive jewellery pieces are. 

Five effective ways to save while buying a wedding jewellery

1. Explore new jewellery material 

Being a part of an Indian family, we all have observed how important it is for the bride to include gold in her wedding jewellery. However, this is old news. The key to getting affordable wedding jewellery sets in today’s times is to jazz the jewellery up. 

Let me explain how. Suppose you purchase the entire wedding jewellery set made of pure gold. Now this will cost no less than a few lakhs. Instead, we recommend you to explore different metal/alloy options for your jewellery. Get some blackish-silver tinted oxidised jewellery. Or even low carat gold mixed with any affordable alloy metal. 

These are some practical ways to cut the cost of wedding jewellery for the bride

2. Prioritise the jewellery according to the function

Indian weddings are nothing if not traditional. Weddings in India are at least a three day’s affair. On one hand, few traditions are incredibly important, while others are just some extra ones. 

But does that mean that the bride will not get a different wedding jewellery set? Absolutely not!

Hence it is vital to choose the wedding jewellery for the bride accordingly. Mix and match your old jewellery pieces and embellish them with imitation jewellery for small functions. Another effective idea is to reuse your accessories and create some DIY using them. Here’s one example: use your Jhumka on your bangles. This will give a trendy look and all the right vibes for wedding jewellery.

3. Invest smartly

Knowing where you invest your money is essential. Hence, keep a vigil upon the quality of the jewellery you wish to invest in.

It is not always true that the most expensive wedding jewellery has the best qualities in it. Various factors like the store, brand, makers of the jewellery, and authenticity determine the quality of a jewellery piece. Hence, it is advisable to look for certified jewellery only. 

Ask the jeweller for discounts and ask when they might run a colossal discount bonanza for their store. Visit the stores then, and a little bargain isn’t harmful at times. 

4. Customise your Jewellery

In many online wedding jewellery stores, the makers include the option to customise your wedding jewellery. It also gives a personal touch to your jewellery and gets you directly involved in the process. 

The options might differ from choosing your designs to customising your own wedding jewellery sets. Buying wedding jewellery online is one of the most feasible options. Today, especially in these testing times, people usually prefer staying in the comfort of their homes while they work. Weddings, however, are a serious affair that cannot be postponed very further. Hence, cost-cutting is a vital part and cutting up some costs in wedding jewellery is a rather intelligent step.

5. Rent the fillers

When it comes to wearing wedding jewellery sets, we know how dramatic we Indians can be. 

From wearing a maang tika to baajubandh, from the nath to the parandi, we want it all in our wedding jewellery set.

But purchasing all these together is a very meaningless and expensive affair. Instead, one can always rent heavy jewellery pieces. The jewellery pieces that often seem “too vibrant to wear on any other occasion” can be rented. Furthermore, this is one of the most affordable options. 

I mean, honestly, let’s face it, no one is going to wear the bajubandh and the nath again after their wedding. Not anytime soon, at least. 

Hence, it is advisable to rent the fillers rather than buying them and confining them in your closet for the rest of your life. 


Now that you’re aware of these cost-saving tips, do apply them while buying wedding jewellery pieces. Let me know how your experience was. And all the best for the new adventures that lay ahead!