There are a lot of ways to style your front porch. You can make an investment in durable pieces made from materials that withstand the elements, like thicker (or even solar) fabrics, or even choose furniture with performance fabrics like this that resist fading and weathering over time. But it doesn’t stop there.

Pillows & Blankets

Pillows and blankets can add an eye-catching splash of color and texture to your porch, as well as creating an intimate seating area for reading or relaxing. The best outdoor pillows should be weather-resistant so they withstand elements without losing their shape; they should be easy to maintain; just wipe down if they get dirty!

Though most people consider bright colors suitable only for indoor furniture, they can be just as effective on a porch. That’s because bright hues like these reflect natural lighting and flashy flowers to create harmony between interior and exterior spaces (source: When purchasing outdoor cushions for your deck, select ones with matching color schemes.

Your selection of outdoor pillows depends on both the size of your seating area and desired aesthetic. Odd numbers tend to create a modern vibe while even numbers achieve a more traditional, balanced aesthetic. Expert’s advice using seven pillows with an L-shaped sofa; three in the middle, and two on either end.

Wall Art

As part of your deck decoration, wall decor should play an integral part. A welcoming sign or unique arrangement of outdoor furniture in Louisville, KY using recycled items are great ways to adorn an otherwise plain corner. Since outdoor wall decor must withstand rain and sunlight exposure, selecting materials which hold up well is ideal.

There are plenty of affordable materials for outdoor decor that won’t blow your budget, including metal, wood and plastic that have been treated to resist weather damage; you may also find furniture made of materials like rattan or wicker that withstand the elements.

Add an eye-catching piece of wall art to your front porch to make it more welcoming. This can include anything from an eye-catching painting or print, to floral or botanical images which highlight your garden.

An alternative way of decorating your deck with hanging baskets to display flowers or plants is adorning a wall with them – an easy project that creates an authentic, natural appearance in no time! This gives your space an instant makeover.

Trellises are an effective way of adding greenery and texture to your deck, whether you build or purchase one. A wrought iron design fits in well with more classic pieces of outdoor furniture white painted metal trellises offer an easier solution that’s ideal for contemporary porch decor that can easily be relocated when seasonal changes arrive.

For something rustic yet welcoming, hang a distressed piece of wooden wall art painted white or cream for maximum impact on your porch. This piece will complement most furniture styles on display there.


Add sheer curtains like this –, for an inviting romantic ambience on your porch. Not only do they create an intimate environment, they can also block sun and wind to ensure an enjoyable deck experience. Hang them alone or layer with other window treatments; sheer curtains may even block out sun and wind making your deck more comfortable!

To maintain the look and integrity of your curtains, wash them on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Spot-clean or hand-wash for quick touch ups as necessary and medium heat iron as needed to remove wrinkles caused by packaging. Luckily, waterproof sheer fabric curtains make cleaning simple even with pets or children in the household!

Color and texture choices should reflect the overall design style of your porch. For example, if your space has a contemporary or sleek aesthetic, simple neutral hues such as gray or white may work best; on the other hand, for traditional or rustic porch designs it might be better to choose curtains that feature more vibrant hues or more daring patterns.

Privacy Wall

A deck can be the ideal space to unwind or entertain with family and friends. But, if it’s located too closely to neighbors, adding a privacy wall might be beneficial in providing peace of mind without worry over nosy onlookers. These walls not only add another layer of protection against nosy onlookers; they can also soften the appearance of the space by offering more neutral surfaces for furniture placement and decor choices.

Privacy walls offer many options for adding an element of comfort and safety to any deck, from rustic wooden screens to more modern solutions like this eco-friendly mahogany and eucalyptus wood model. Both materials offer moisture resistance as well as resilience against weather elements – ideal choices for deck use!

Lattice panels provide another form of privacy wall. Similar in appearance to solid privacy fences, but with increased airflow and sunlight filtering. Though it’s not for everyone, privacy is becoming a particularly popular gimmick for most retailers and is advisable to look into.