Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that physical store locations are on the outs. The newest big thing? Digital e-commerce and online retailers. 

The truth is that 94% of retail sales in the US still come from traditional physical locations and that percentage isn’t going down anytime soon. Yet the question still stands: how do you attract new customers to your physical location? 

Today we’re addressing that question with our top seven ways to attract customers to your business.

Want to know how to get more traffic to your brick and mortar location? Keep reading for the answer to that question plus how to retain all those new customers for good. 

1. Digital Marketing

These days, people spend more time shopping online than they do in person. How’s a business to compete with the digital retail market? Advertise your products online. 

You can also come up with a content marketing strategy to affirm your brand’s authority. Customers will build trust by engaging with your content. And, ultimately, they will be more likely to support your business. 

2. Get Optimized

Target local keywords and make your website mobile friendly. That way, you’ll pop up when prospective customers do a “near me” search.

You’ll also take advantage of the 50% of consumers who visit a store within 1 day after conducting a local mobile search. This is in comparison to only 34% of people who’ll visit your store after searching on a laptop or tablet.

3. Refreshments

Whether it’s a bowl of water for Fido or lemonade carafe in the summer for your kids, people who stop for the refreshments will stay for your merchandise. 

4. Spruce Your Signage

From a highly visible store sign to one that announces free parking, make sure customers can find you when they’re looking. 

Have a large business that needs multiple directive signs or wayfinding? Get more info here about how Image360 can help.

5. Discounts and Freebies

Who doesn’t love free and/or cheap? Here are some ways to offer freebies and discounts at your business:

  • Hold a contest and give out free merch to winners
  • Give discounts for posting pictures of your store on social media and tagging your business
  • Offer every customer’s first purchase for free or at a heavily discounted rate
  • Provide everyday freebies for shopping in your store
  • Reward loyal customers with discounts

You can also get involved with local charity events to earn some positive PR for your business. 

6. Collaborate with Popular Locals

This can mean working with popular neighborhood businesses, leveraging a local influencer’s audience, or even guest posting on nearby business’ websites. 

7. In-Store Returns

A great way to attract customers to your physical location is to offer in-store returns for online purchases. Make sure you prompt customers to browse around, though. 

And always keep in mind that a positive customer service experience can often do more for your business than your amazing products can. 

Attract Customers and Keep Them

So you’ve learned how to attract customers and your physical location is booming. Yet you can’t seem to keep a customer to save your life. Where did you go wrong?

Always remember that one portion of the marketing journey is customer retention. And retention is easy when you offer excellent customer service. Don’t forget to wear a smile just as bright and shiny as your new We’re Open! sign out front. 

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